1902 Colonial Conference

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ParticipantsJoseph Chamberlain, Lord Selborne, Wilfred Custance, Lord Onslow, Gerald Balfour, Montagu Ommanney, Francis Hopwood, Thomas Holderness, John Anderson, Edmund Barton, John Forrest, Wilfrid Laurier, William Stevens Fielding, William Mulock, William Paterson, John Gordon Sprigg, Thomas Fuller, Albert Henry Hime, Robert Bond, Richard Seddon
InterestsBritish empire

The 1902 Colonial Conference was held in London after the Boer War and was held on the occasion of the coronation of Edward VII.


Known Participant

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Roundell PalmerMinister of Economic Warfare in the Churchill wartime government between 1942 and 1945. his put him in charge of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), which ran undercover operations of sabotage in Occupied Europe.