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Place.png Oceania
Oceania (orthographic projection).svg
Mostly Australia and New Zealand, but also a lot of islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Oceania is the smallest continent.


European colonisation began in 16th century. The British Empire being the most dominant.


All of the countries are islands in the Pacific Ocean.


Most Oceanian countries have a parliamentary democracy system.

Deep state

The most dominant force on the continent is the Australia/Deep state.


Nation states

Nation stateDescription
AustraliaA large island nation in the southern hemisphere which is pioneering universal surveillance of its citizenry.
FijiOne of the world's first nation states to mandate Covid vaccination for certain adults.
KiribatiSmall island nation in Oceania.
Marshall IslandsSmall island nation in Oceania.
New Zealand
NiueIsland in the Pacific in free association with New Zealand
SamoaPacific island nation that might have been the site of dry run for Covid.
TongaPolynesian island kingdom.