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Died28 February 2014
Cause of death
Victim ofpremature death
A tech-valley CEO of a bitcoin exchange who died a violent death, aged 28. It was ruled a suicide.

Autumn Radtke was CEO of First Meta, a Bitcoin exchange.


Radtke reportedly moved from California to Singapore in January 2012 to take up the post as head of First Meta.[1]


Autumn Radtke was found dead, having fallen from her 16th storey apartment in Singapore. Local media reported it is a suicide. The Huffington Post and the Daily Mail[2] termed it a "Suspected Suicide".[3] The New York Post referred to it as a "questionable financial-sector death".[4] Some were more sceptical.[5]

Suicide ruling

The coroner ruled that the death was a suicide, noting that she had expressed suicidal thoughts separately to two of her friends in the days before her death and visited suicide-related websites.[6]

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