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A timeline of events concerning Babar Ahmad


Much of the content of this timeline comes from the Free Babar Ahmad web site


Date Event
10-Dec-2013 After a further 14 months incarceration, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan attend a requested 'change of plea' hearing in Newhaven Connecticut and changes their pleas to Guilty. [1]
6-Oct-2012 Babar enters a not-guilty plea at a federal district court hearing in New Haven, Connecticut. He enters a not-guilty plea and is remanded into custody.
5-Oct-2012 High Court refuses judicial review in Babar Ahmad's case. Babar is immediately extradited to the US that evening.
2-Oct-2012 High Court hears the applications made by the five extradition detainees, including Babar Ahmad. His lawyers seek to judicially review the CPS' refusal to prosecute him in the UK.
1-Oct-2012 Babar Ahmad's lawyers make an application for a High Court injunction to halt his extradition. Hours later, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, announces his refusal to allow a private prosecution brought by Karl Watkin against Babar Ahmad.
24-Sep-2012 The European Court of Human Rights rejects Babar Ahmad's request for a referral to the Grand Chamber, ruling that there would be 'no violation of the applicants' rights if extradited to stand trial in the United States.'
6-Sep-2012 The BBC reports that British businessman Karl Watkin brings a private prosecution against Babar Ahmad.
5-Aug-2012 Eighth anniversary of Babar's detention without trial. Babar enters his ninth year of imprisonment.
10-Jul-2012 Babar Ahmad's lawyers have submitted papers to the ECtHR asking for leave to appeal to the Grand Chamber. A decision is expected in September 2012.
10-Apr-2012 The European Court of Human Rights, delivers its judgement in the case of Babar Ahmad and others that there will be no violation of their human rights and extradition can proceed. Ahmad has three months to appeal to the Grand Chamber in Strasbourg.
5-Apr-2012 Historic interview with Babar Ahmad is broadcast by the BBC, making it the first time a detainee in the UK has ever been interviewed by broadcast media and the first instance Babar Ahmad has discussed his case in any detail.
30-Mar-2012 The House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) releases its report, concluding that the US-UK Extradition Treaty should be urgently amended in order to deal with the growing public unease about the fairness of the Treaty.
11-Jan-2012 The High Court in London has ruled that it was unlawful for Justice Secretary Ken Clarke to refuse the BBC permission to film an interview with British Detainee Babar Ahmad in prison, paving the way for the media to be allowed camera access to a British prisoner for the first time.
9-Dec-2011 Lawyers for the BBC challenge Justice Secretary Ken Clarke’s refusal to allow the BBC to film and broadcast an interview with Babar Ahmad in prison at the High Court, being the first ever challenge to a refusal to permit a broadcaster to film an interview in prison.
5-Dec-2011 Historic debate on extradition is held in the House of Commons. The House passes the motion without a vote that ministers should change the UK-US Extradition treaty and European Arrest Warrant. The agreed motion is not binding on the government.
24-Nov-2011 A debate on extradition is held in Westminster Hall, despite the fact 140,936 have signed the e-petition requesting a full Commons debate on Babar Ahmad. Front benchers cannot participate and there is no vote.
22-Nov-2011 Sir George Young states, during a Radio 4 interview, that the decision to discuss the issue in Westminster Hall rather than the House of Commons rests with the Backbench Business Committee and its chair Natascha Engel, and not the government.
21-Nov-2011 100 leading barristers and solicitors have signed an open letter to the Leader of the House of Commons, Sir George Young, requesting a full parliamentary debate on the issue of putting Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK.
10-Nov-2011 The e-petition closes with over 140,538 signatures, making it the third highest e-petition on site.
08-Nov-2011 The Parliamentary Backbench Business Committee meet and refuse to list Babar Ahmad's case for a full debate in the main chamber of the House of Commons where it could be voted on by Members of Parliament despite obtaining over 100,000 signatories; instead the motion is relegated to form part of a pre-existing discussion on extradition in Westminster Hall on 24/11/11.
02-Nov-2011 E-petition to put Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK is signed by over 100,000 Britons, making the issue eligible for Parliamentary debate
18-Oct-2011 Independent review commissioned by Home Secretary Theresa May concludes that the laws governing extradition of Britons to the US are fair
28-Sep-2011 Free Babar Ahmad Campaign release video to promote e-petition
27-Sep-2011 Deadline for UK Government to make final submissions to European Court of Human Rights
11-Aug-2011 Family of Babar Ahmad launch e-petition calling on the UK Government to put him on trial in the UK
05-Aug-2011 Seventh anniversary of Babar Ahmad's detention without trial
22-Jun-2011 Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) urges the UK government to change the law so that Babar Ahmad perpetual threat of extradition is ended without further delay.
03-May-2011 Trial begins, of four Metropolitan police officers from the Territorial Support Group (TSG), accused of assaulting Babar Ahmad, begins at Southwark Crown Court.
22-Sep-2010 Officers appeared at City of Westminster Magistrates Court. Next appearance at Southwark Crown Court May 2011
12-Aug-2010 CPS announces that 4 Metropolitan police officers will be charged with actual body harm (ABH) for the assault on Babar Ahmad on 2 December 2003. The officers are due to appear at City of Westminster Magistrates Court on 22 September 2010.
08-Jul-2010 European Court of Human Rights declares Babar Ahmad's application is partially admissible and awaits further observations from the UK government on Supermax confinement and life without parole sentence. Final decision is expected early 2011.
24-Nov-2009 The Crown Prosecution Service informs Babar Ahmad's lawyers that it is conducting a review into whether any police officers can be prosecuted for abusing him in December 2003.
03-Nov-2009 Following his acquittal in a separate racial assault criminal trial at Kingston Crown Court, PC Mark Jones of 1 Unit 1 Area TSG (based at Paddington Green police station) is named as the principal perpetrator of the attack on Babar Ahmad.
26-Mar-2009 Mayor of London Boris Johnson announces an inquiry into the Babar Ahmad police abuse case with external judicial oversight by retired High Court judge Sir Geoffrey Grigson, to report back to the Metropolitan Police Authority.
18-Mar-2009 In a historic, unprecedented victory, the Metropolitan Police admits full liability for subjecting Babar Ahmad to grave abuse tantamount to torture and offers to pay him £60,000 (@ US$90,000) in damages. The admission, at the High Court in London, receives worldwide press coverage. Babar Ahmad is present in court to hear the admission.
16-Mar-2009 Babar Ahmad's civil case trial against the Metropolitan Police begins at the High Court in London before Mr Justice Holroyde. Babar Ahmad is represented in court by counsel, Miss Phillippa Kaufman. Babar Ahmad appears by video link from HMP Long Lartin.
10-Mar-2009 Metropolitan Police offers Babar Ahmad an out-of-court settlement of £60,000 (@ US $90,000) without admitting liability. Babar Ahmad refuses this offer.
18-Feb-2008 The Rose Inquiry reports back to Parliament stating that nothing illegal happened in the police surveillance of the Sadiq Khan MP-Babar Ahmad prison visits but that the law should be clarified.
04-Feb-2008 Secretary of State for Justice, Jack Straw MP announces in the House of Commons that there is to be an official inquiry into the bugging of Babar Ahmad's prison visits with Sadiq Khan MP, to be conducted by a retired High Court judge, Sir Christopher Rose.
03-Feb-2008 UK newspaper, The Sunday Times reports that anti-terrorist police had covertly recorded Babar Ahmed's confidential prison visits in 2005 and 2006 with his MP, Sadiq Khan.
20-Jan-2008 Metropolitan Police Service offers Babar Ahmad an out-of-court settlement of £20,000 (@ US $30,000) without admitting liability. Babar Ahmad refuses this offer.
04-Oct-2007 Babar Ahmad transferred from HMP Manchester to HMP Long Lartin Detainee Unit.
04-Jul-2007 Babar Ahmad lodges civil proceedings at the High Court in London against the Metropolitan Police Service claiming damages for assault in December 2003.
10-Jun-2007 In a miraculous intervention at the last minute, the European Court of Human Rights freezes Babar Ahmad extradition until further notice whilst it considers his case.
09-Jun-2007 Babar Ahmad kisses goodbye to his family, awaiting extradition.
04-Jun-2007 House of Lords refuses leave to appeal to it, meaning that Babar Ahmad is to be extradited within 7 days, barring a last-minute reprieve from the European Court of Human Rights.
19-Dec-2006 The High Court in London gave certification for two points of law, that are of public importance, to be taken to the House of Lords. These points of law concerned Military Detention and Extraordinary Rendition.
13-Dec-2006 Babar Ahmad transferred from HMP Belmarsh to HMP Manchester, where he is again placed into Segregation for 48 hours for no reason.
30-Nov-2006 Lord Justice Laws and Mr Justice Walker dismiss Babar Ahmad's High Court Appeal in Ahmad & Aswat vs. USA. Babar Ahmad transferred from HMP Woodhill to HMP Belmarsh and placed in the Segregation punishment unit for no reason.
13-Jul-2006 This was the last day of Babar Ahmad's High Court appeal hearings. Lord Justice Laws and Mr Justice Walker will now give their decision either towards the end of July 2006 , or in the beginning of October 2006.
12-Jul-2006 Several Members of Parliament mention Babar Ahmad's case in an emergency debate on UK-US extradition at the UK House of Commons.
11-Jul-2006 This was the first day of Babar Ahmad's High Court appeal hearings. To read the court accounts, please go to the icon on the left hand side marked 'Court Accounts'. Babar Ahmad appears by video link from HMP Woodhill.
23-Jun-2006 A damning report is released which provides evidence linking the flawed UK-US extradition policy to the radicalisation of British Muslim youth.
10-Apr-2006 Babar Ahmad transfers representation of his police assault case to Bhatt Murphy Solicitors, having left Arani & Co Solicitors in February 2006.
15-Feb-2006 Babar Ahmad transfers from Arani & Co solicitors to Birnberg Peirce & Partners Solicitors for representation in his extradition case.
28-Nov-2005 UK Parliamentary Home Affairs Select Committee raises concerns about Babar Ahmad's case due to the possibility of it being prosecuted in the UK.
15-Nov-2005 Home Secretary rules that Babar Ahmad should be extradited to the United States. Babar Ahmad's legal team launch appeal against this decision at the High Court.
10-Sep-2005 Home Secretary Charles Clarke requests a further 60 day extension to to making a decision. A petition of over 18,000 signatures is hand-delivered to the Home Secretary's office by Babar Ahmad's MP, Sadiq Khan.
15-Jul-2005 Home Secretary Charles Clarke requests a further 60 day extension to making a decision.
17-May-2005 Senior District Judge Timothy Workman rules that Babar Ahmad should be extradited but acknowledges the case is `difficult and troubling because it could have been prosecuted in the UK`. See Court Accounts for further information. The matter is handed over to Home Secretary to give his final decision within 60 days.
05-May-2005 Babar Ahmad stands for election in the UK General Election, becoming only the second prisoner in history to do so after Irish prisoner Bobby Sands in 1981. He wins 2% of the vote in the Brent North constituency of London, coming fourth after the three main parties.
28-Apr-2005 Babar Ahmad transferred back from HMP Belmarsh to HMP Woodhill.
18-Apr-2005 Main Extradition Hearing at Bow Street Magistrates Court continues. See Court Accounts section for details. Over 400 protesters against the extradition gather outside the Court
13-Apr-2005 PC Roderick James-Bowen cleared of all charges at Police Misconduct Tribunal. Tribunal commends him for his bravery in assaulting Babar Ahmad.
11-Apr-2005 Police Misconduct Tribunal opens behind closed doors at Woolwich Crown Court. Babar Ahmad testifies in person.
22-Mar-2005 Babar Ahmad transferred from HMP Woodhill to HMP Belmarsh.
02-Mar-2005 Babar Ahmad appears at Bow Street Magistrate's Court for defence hearing against extradition. Nearly 200 protesters gathered outside the court. The court was adjourned until 24th March for a remand and review hearing by video-link. The final main hearing is to be held on 18th April 2005.
14-Jan-2005 IPCC announces decision to supervise an internal Police Misconduct Tribunal against PC Roderick James-Bowen (b. 1971) for using excessive force on Babar Ahmad.
16-Dec-2004 BA appeared briefly at Bow Street Magistrate's Court via video-link from Woodhill Prison. This was a routine `remand hearing` which occurs approximately every month. BA just has to confirm his name and date of birth etc.
18-Nov-2004 Babar Ahmad appears at Bow Street Magistrates Court for the start of the main extradition hearing before Senior District Judge Timothy Workman.
12-Nov-2004 BA appears at Bow Street Magistrates Court via video link and is remanded in custody at Woodhill Prison.
04-Nov-2004 BA appears at Bow Street Magistrates Court and is remanded in custody until 12th November 2004
07-Oct-2004 BA appears at Bow Street Magistrates Court for bail application. Despite numerous referees including work colleagues and doctors; alongside sureties which added up to several hundred thousand pounds sterling, the bail application was refused by District Judge Timothy Workman on the grounds BA may fail to surrender, or re-offend.
10-Sep-2004 BA appears at Bow Street Magistrates Court, remanded in custody at Woodhill Prison by District Judge Christopher Pratt.
08-Sep-2004 CPS announces that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute the police officers who assaulted Babar Ahmad
13-Aug-2004 BA appears at Bow Street Magistrates Court, remanded in custody at Woodhill Prison by District Judge Christopher Pratt.
06-Aug-2004 BA appears at Bow Street Magistrates Court, remanded in custody at Woodhill Prison by District Judge Christopher Pratt.
05-Aug-2004 BA re-arrested on extradition warrant from US
15-Jul-2004 Metropolitan Police passes case of Babar Ahmed's assault by police to Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
08-Dec-2003 BA released without charge. Files complaint against police assault to Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
02-Dec-2003 Babar Ahmad arrested, assaulted by police officers in London, UK, sustaining over 73 injuries.