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(investigative journalist)
ParentsDaniel C. Dennett
SpouseGerard Colby
Interests • big oil
• Nelson Rockefeller
investigative journalist

Charlotte Dennett is an investigative journalist.


Charlotte Dennett's father Daniel C. Dennett worked under diplomatic cover as U.S. cultural attaché in Lebanon for the Office of Strategic Services and later the Central Intelligence Group. He died in a plane crash following a top secret mission to Saudi Arabia in 1947.[1][2]


Charlotte Dennett has researched use of the intelligence agencies by big oil.[3]

In Thy Will Be Done she investigated the genocide of Amazonian Indians, where some 100,000 Indians had been killed during the 1960s and 1970s, to understand why American evangelical missionaries had turned a blind eye to the massacres of tribes, some of whom were their “wards”, and to verify rumors that the CIA was funding the missionaries.

In 2008,she ran for Vermont Attorney General on the progressive party ticket. "As it turned out, my primary issue became prosecuting President George W. Bush for sending troops to Iraq based on lies."[4]


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