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Concept.png Genocide 
the destruction of a people.

A Genocide is the action of destroying a people—usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group.

Rios Montt

Only one former head of state has ever to have been convicted in his own country for genocide - Guatemalan General Rios Montt, who was convicted on 10 May 2013. On 8 July 2015, however, a Guatemalan court stated that since Montt is "mentally incompetent to stand trial", his current trial must be abandoned.[1]



Page nameStartEndPerpetratorsDescription
"The Holocaust"19411945In its capitalized form "The Holocaust" refers in the Western world to the treatment of the Jewish populations of Germany and German occupied territories during WW2 (1939-45). Its use in this format stems from about the mid-1960's (i.e. more than 20 years after the events it claims to define). It does not appear in histories or documents before that time.
Canada/GenocideA very dark chapter of Canada's history which was chanced upon and the determinedly exposed by Rev. Kevin Annett. For well over a century, Native Canadians were abused, infected with smallpox or TB, forcibly sterilised and sometimes flat out murdered in a climate of impunity. The Canadian government issued a formal apology for the episode in 2008, though it also announced that while some compensation payments would be made, the genocide would go unpunished.
Cultural genocidethe destruction of a culture.
Israeli–Palestinian conflict
Nakba DayPalestinian commemoration of the 1948 ethnic cleansing
Rwandan Genocide7 April 199415 July 1994
Srebrenica Massacre11 July 199513 July 1995
Uyghur TribunalAugust 2020Uyghur Tribunal in the UK


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Eugenics“You will do well to try to inoculate the Indians by means of Blanketts, as well as to try every other Method that can serve to Extirpate this Excerable Race. I should be very glad (if) your scheme for hunting them down by Dogs could take effect ... I would rather chuse the liberty to kill any savage that may come in our way, than to be perpetually doubtful whether they are Friends or Foes ...”Jeffrey Amherst
Madison Grant“A rigid system of selection through the elimination of those who are weak or unfit—in other words social failures—would solve the whole question in one hundred years, as well as enable us to get rid of the undesirables who crowd our jails, hospitals, and insane asylums. The individual himself can be nourished, educated and protected by the community during his lifetime, but the state through sterilization must see to it that his line stops with him, or else future generations will be cursed with an ever increasing load of misguided sentimentalism. This is a practical, merciful, and inevitable solution of the whole problem, and can be applied to an ever widening circle of social discards, beginning always with the criminal, the diseased, and the insane, and extending gradually to types which may be called weaklings rather than defectives, and perhaps ultimately to worthless race types.”Madison Grant1916
Yuval Harari“In the twenty-first century, those who ride the train of progress will acquire divine abilities of creation and destruction, while those left behind will face extinction.”Yuval Harari2015
Ayo Kimathi“The most important issues facing African people on this planet is our survival and the critical thing that exists in this universe, that threatens the survival of African people is no virus, is no lack of information, the critical problem that exists on this planet is a system development and maintained by whites, Europeans, with the ultimate design and end to be the genocide of African people, and this means all black people.”Ayo Kimathi2 April 2010
Obedience“Historically, the most terrible things - war, genocide, and slavery - have resulted not from disobedience, but from obedience.”Howard Zinn
Athanasius Schneider“[...] and we dont know, maybe history will show us, what is still behind this vaccine campaign, world campaign. What is behind the, the principle reason, or aim, maybe we will know this after some time. Some people say, with some proofs, that it could be, it is probable, that one of the main aims behind this global vaccine campaign is to reduce the world population. A kind of population control. I would not exclude this. [...]”Athanasius SchneiderNovember 2021


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Document:Biden’s pier for Gaza is a hollow gesture that will change almost nothingblog post8 March 2024Jonathan CookPresident Biden needs to look like Gaza’s saviour when Democrats are deciding who they are voting for. He and the Democratic party are betting voters are dumb enough to fall for this charade. Please don’t prove them right.
Document:The new alliance between anti-vaxxers and the far right is a deadly threatArticle1 August 2021Paul Mason"Though they claim to be “peaceful” setting themselves up as the victims of genocide, the anti-vaxxers give themselves permission to threaten violence.....Those behind the “crime” are said to include governments and the World Economic Forum (WEF)" because the real fascists are the ones that oppose oppressive government mandates and forced injections.
Document:Why We Need to Remember Srebrenicaarticle3 December 2015Zarah SultanaZarah Sultana, then a student at the University of Birmingham, wrote an article about her trip to Srebrenica
Stop the Worsening Undercount of Palestinian Casualties in GazaArticle5 March 2024Ralph NaderFrom accounts of people on the ground, videos and photographs of deadly episode after episode, plus the resultant mortalities from blocking or smashing the crucial necessities of life, a more likely estimate, in my appraisal, is that at least 200,000 Palestinians must have perished by now and the toll is accelerating by the hour.
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