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Chart of non-self-governing territories (as of June 2012).


An example

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Berlin Conference1880s conference to regulate European colonization and trade in Africa


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Frederick Lugard“Read the Wikipedia page on Frederick Lugard and you'd hardly know you were reading about one of the great monsters of history. There isn't even the inevitable Wiki "Notice of Quibbles" or whatever they call'em. The same Anglo academics who comb every Central European writer's works for suspect nouns completely fail to notice their own genocidal horrors. So far, only a few writers from the Subcontinent (Sen,Tharoor) and Africa (Achebe) have sliced through the Empire's post-mortem PR armor. The damn thing's been dead for decades and it still intimidates or bamboozles these American academics (with a few honorable exceptions like Caroline Elkins).”Frederick Lugard
'The War Nerd'
Victorian era“The Victorians had learned how to break the will of their own children and they would now practise it abroad. So, towards the end of the 19th century, the establishment of native boarding schools in Australia and North America became the new gold rush. Civilising the savages was a project that went hand in hand with taking over their land, while the apparent need for the former would easily obscure the cunning of the latter.”Nick Duffell2014
Joris Voorhoeve“Take into account that 2/3ds of UN member states are no democracy, also take into count that quite a number of states are run by criminal organisations. Colonialism did not end, it took a different form.”University of Leiden
Joris Voorhoeve
12 April 2016
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