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(politician, diplomat)
Voorhoeve pf.png
Born22 December 1945
The Hague, Netherlands
ResidenceThe Hague,  Netherlands
Alma materLeiden University, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, John's Hopkins University, Wageningen University
Member ofTrilateral Commission
Interests • Srebrenica Massacre
• Yugoslavia
PartyVVD, D66
Dutch politician and diplomat. Bilderberg, TLC, Srebrenica Dutch Defence Minister, World Bank member, Clingendael Director, Dutch Council of State. Implicated UK, UK & NATO actively allowed the Srerenica Massacre to happen.

Employment.png Lecturer

In office
2011 - Present
EmployerHague University of Applied Sciences

Employment.png Member

In office
1999 - 2010
EmployerNetherlands/Council of State
Extraordinary member from 2006

Employment.png Netherlands/Minister of Defence

In office
22 August 1994 - 3 August 1998
Preceded byRelus ter Beek
Succeeded byFrank de Grave
Attended the Bilderberg 1987

Joris Voorhoeve is a retired Dutch politician, diplomat and former Clingendael director. As Minister of Defence Voorhoeve played a significant role, working with Mabel van Oranje's liason Mohammed Sacirbey in Yugoslavia, implicating the NATO-Western coalition in war crimes decades later.


Voorhoeve worked for the World Bank in the 70s. After spells as governmental think tanks, Voorhoeve became a MP in 1982 and became member in 1986. Voorhoeve became leader of the VVD party from '86 to '90. Voorhoeve became Minister of Defence in 94 after a stint as director of spooky entity Clingendael.

While also being remembered having worked for the World Bank and Dutch Council of State, as leader of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) Voorhoeve played a signifiant role in the 1980s, stifling Dutch environmental initiatives, crashing one coalition because of it, continuing the new wave of neoliberalism in Europe and the Netherlands from the end 1980s.


Intro into Srebenica

A Dutch UN-sanctioned infantry group known as the Dutchbatters protected Bosnian Muslim man and boys until they were encircled by Bosnian-Serbians on the 8th of July 1995[1] in the Yugoslavian civil war in the city of Srebenica[2]. According to the official narrative[3], Dutch UN Lieutenant-Colonel Thom Karremans was denied a request for air-support by Dutch general Nicolai two times, and an additional 2 times 3 days later and was only granted two strikes by one plane. That was after they were ordered by Nicolai to head back to Italy for refuelling after circling the area for hours. The US Air Force could not find these targets and resulted in the second Dutch strike to be aborted as the city was over-run by the army of Ratko Mladić who immediately threatened to "execute 55 Dutch soldiers". The Dutch were allowed to flee to the UN-base of Potocari.

“The British commander took a vacation. Later I asked that general why actually. It was decided, he said. It was clear that Ratko Mladic had the impression that the UN posed no threat to him.”
Joris Voorhoeve (20 January 2021)  [4]

20.000 of the Bosnian muslins fled to the compound surrounding the basis. Thom Karremans was subsequently still ignored by the NATO-leadership and Dutch government and humiliated by Mladic. 2 days later Mladic kidnapped all men and boys (around 8000) of the 20.000 under the eyes of the Dutch infantry, led them away and executed them over a period of 9 days. The last remaining Dutchbat unit entered Zagreb celebrating with Minister Joris Voorhoeve a period later.[5]

"So we have heard or reports that we may left a signifiant part of the population to be killed... the soldiers are gonna party later anyway, so.. let's keep this interview short.
After allowing the population to be slaughtered, the Dutch Army hosted a party with PM Wim Kok, Prince Willem-Alexander Ferdinand, Voorhoeve and several MPs, citing feeling pity if the soldiers couldn't "party". This footage was confiscated by the Dutch MOD and kept secret for months, only to be released by German TV-Station ZDF. Kok was later sued in Dutch court for his role in bombing innocent lives with cluster bombs. Kok resigned after a parliamentary enquiry regarding this war.


Joris Voorhoeve accused the West of allowing the population to be killed.

A Dutch major was revealed to have ordered the MIVD in 1995 to secretly go to a lieutenant who had made pictures of Serbian war crimes in Srebenica. The Photographic films could've proven the Dutch would've known of the genocide much earlier than the international community would've condemned it to be. The film was "damaged beyond repair" after an "unusual production process". Lieutenant Peter Putten of the research-unit of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee argued in 2015 that the mistakes that led to the film never to be published and damaged beyond repair was part of a cover-up by the Dutch government. One of the leading involved MIVD-researchers did not go that far but did argue it was strange the Dutch MOD told him to remain silent. It seems the NATO-countries tried to made sure Yugoslavia destroyed itself from inside out and did not want anyone to find proof that they actively participated in war crimes with other purposes.[6]


Janja Beč-Neumann, Serbian sociologist, genocide researcher concluded the Dutchbat unit had actively comitted[7] genocide by helping Mladic separating the men and boys from their families, standing and not doing anything while Serbians raped Muslim girls in front of their eyes.[8] In 2006 Dutch government awarded the Dutch UN peacekeepers who served in Srebrenica an insignia because they believed they "deserved recognition for their behaviour in difficult circumstances". In a judgement dated 6 September 2013, The Supreme Court of the Netherlands found the Netherlands as a state responsible for the death of the 350 of the murdered men.[9]


Voorhoeve has started doing more consultancy in the Internet-era from the 2000s. His opinions mostly align with the US-UK official narrative, including the opinion that India, US/UK & Europe will be leading the world in 20 years, with Russia collapsing under their own work.[10]

“Take into account that 2/3ds of UN member states are no democracy, also take into count that quite a number of states are run by criminal organisations. Colonialism did not end, it took a different form.”
Joris Voorhoeve,  Leiden University (12 April 2016)  [11]


Voorhoeve gave up membership of his VVD party after their first ever agreement for coalition support in 2010 with Geert Wilders.


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/198724 April 198726 April 1987Italy
35th Bilderberg, in Italy, 106 participants
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