David Harold Byrd

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(millionaire, businessman)
David Harold Byrd.jpg
Born24 April 1900
Detroit, Texas, USA
Died14 September 1986 (Age 86)
Alma materTrinity University, University of Texas
Founder ofCivil Air Patrol
Member ofJFK/Assassination/Perpetrators
Texas oilman with connection to LBJ, who made millions of dollars from the JFK assassination.

David Harold "Dry Hole" Byrd is a Texas oilman who was a friend of Lyndon B. Johnson. He owned the Texas School Book Depository building in Dallas. He made a profit of around $50M after the assassination of JFK allowed LBJ to become US President.


He went to Trinity University and from 1919 to 1921 he studied geology at the University of Texas.[1]


In 1931 he founded Byrd-Frost with Jack Frost. In September 1941 he formed the Civil Air Patrol with Gill Robb Wilson.[1]

JFK Assassination

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At a public auction on July 4, 1939 Byrd purchased the Texas School Book Depository buiding in Dallas, from where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot John F. Kennedy in 1963.[2][3] Byrd had the alleged window removed and mounted on the wall of his home.[1]

Fast profit

Peter Dale Scott estimates that D. H. Byrd, teamed up with James Ling, made about $50M by buying 132,000 shares of Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV) in November 1963 just before the JFK assassination. These shot up in value after the once LBJ came to power; whereas JFK had announced a troop withdrawal of the Vietnam war, the first contract the Pentagon awarded was for a fighter jet to LTV.[4]