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A Twitter roundup from II, comments on a Moon of Alabama piece. The contents are fairly standard fare, but which users II chose to follow is very interesting, and some are indeed "other users in our field"

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png Twitter roundup  by Chris Hernon dated 13 December 2018
Subjects: Stig Abel, Kevin Schofield, Peter j Bakulinskyj, Tom Parfitt, Shaun Walker, Anton Troianovski, Olexander Scherba, English Lugansk, Hans de Vreij, Cormac Smith, John McLellan, Alison Thewliss, Stephen Kinnock, Duncan Hames, Margaret Hodge
Example of: Integrity Initiative/Leak/3
Source: 'Anonymous' (Link)

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Twitter Roundup 20.03.18

I highlighted how this letter is being used yesterday.

 The British governments standing on the issue is getting worse as more inconsistencies and doubts on its statements come to light. The international support for its claims is weakening
 Stig Abell Verified account @StigAbell Baldrick: I, too, have a cunning plan to catch the spy...You go round the hostipal and ask everyone, "Are you a German spy?" Edmund: Yes, I must say, Baldrick, I appreciate your involvement on the creative side. Baldrick: If it was me, I'd own up. Edmund: Of course you would. 
 Kevin Schofield@PolhomeEditor Jeremy Corbyn tells the BBC: "I asked the Russians be given a sample so that they can say categorically one way or the other." And if they say it's nothing to do with them, presumably that's case closed?
 peter j Bakulinskyj @charliefarley22 Lets not Forget the Poisoning of V,Yushenko-Crime? He won pro-Ukrainian election 2004 v Yanakovic-Kremlin "He ate bad Shusi"-Lugovoy and friends. Russia is the biggest threat to Peace.

Roundup 20.03.18 3.png D

 Tom Parfitt @parfitt_tom March 15: Russian government says there was never a novichok programme in Russia or USSR: … March 20: Russian state news agency interviews lab boss who helped develop novichok:
 Shaun Walker @shaunwalker7 I don't suppose there is anyone left who would seriously compare RT and the BBC in good faith, but just in case there are any confused souls left, see below. 
 Anton Troianovski @antontroian On Telegram, RT editor Simonyan writes that Putin "used to simply be our president and he
 olexander scherba Verified account @olex_scherba Or maybe - just maybe! - nothing pleases this crowd more than the feeling of being feared again. olexander scherba added, 

Roundup 20.03.18.png

 English Lugansk @loogunda "Pro-Russian Facebook groups share this image, kind of voluntary acknowledgement of guilt" … #Novichock
 нфоВійська України @i_army_org #BoycottWorldCup2018

Roundup 20.03.18 2.png

 Hans de Vreij @hdevreij Russian scientist Leonid Rink has confirmed work on #Novichok agents was done at the Shikhany chemical weapons base near Saratov. Says the Novichok-5 variant was weaponized. Important news via the official RIA Novosti news agency.
 Cormac Smith �� �� @CormacS63 Mar 18 More ‘Russia executing massive disinformation campaign following attempted murder of Skripal similar to MH17 -we know they lie on and industrial’ scale says @PavloKlimkin :
 John McLellan @johnmclellan John McLellan Retweeted The Scotsman Correct decision, but Sputnik should not have been admitted in the first place then my motion wouldn't have been necessary. The Scotsman@TheScotsman Breaking: Sputnik expelled from Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce
 Alison Thewliss @alisonthewliss ICYMI: I was on @Sun_Pol_Scot yesterday talking about the urgent need for action by the UK Government on the laundering of dirty money from Russia through Scottish Limited Partnerships. Doing nothing lets Putin and his cronies off the hook.
 Stephen Kinnock @SKinnock Fascinating discussion with @Billbrowder earlier as he briefed Labour MPs on what’s required for a UK Magnitsky act to be worthy of the name
 Duncan Hames @duncanhames A very welcome exchange this, on the risks associated with the UK’s system of ‘Golden Visas’. Duncan Hames added, 
 Margaret Hodge@margarethodge During today's UQ on money-laundering, I raised the issue of ‘golden visas’ which are given to those who invest £2m in the UK and are popular among Russians. I urged the Minister to ensure that we know where this £2m…