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Publication date2008
Author(s)Russ Baker
SubjectsBush Family,  George H. W. Bush,  George W. Bush,  Deep State,  JFK Assassination,  Deep Politics,  US
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A highly creditable expose of the US Deep State in general and the Bush family in particular.

Family Of Secrets is a non-fiction book by Russ Baker, which centers on George H. W. Bush. This is a highly recommended review of the hidden history of the Bush Family, replete with important but little known details, well referenced and lucid.


Russ Baker, an investigative journalist, was interested in how someone like George W. Bush, lacking in all the attributes one might expect from a US President, could nevertheless be chosen for that position. His explorations lead him to the realisation that the father, George Bush Sr. has a far more complex history than was generally understood, and is a key figure in understanding the post-war development of the USA. [1]

Before writing it, Baker says, he shied away from investigating certain controversial topics, wary of being labeled a nut or a crackpot. But now, "the gloves are off",[2] although in 2016 he commented that the story about John Hinckley's family connection to the Bush Family (and indeed, Neil Bush being scheduled to have dinner with Hinckley’s brother, Scott, the day after the shooting) "...was so baffling and off-putting that... I.. did not mention it."[3]


Book, what book? As with Gary Webb's Dark Alliance, the book is a major embarrassment to the US establishment. Similarly, it is both hard hitting and very well researched and footnoted, citing hundreds of sources and key documents. Likewise the commercially-controlled media has adopted a similar strategy and has more or less ignored the book.

Dan Rather termed it "a tour de force... [which] has made me rethink even those events I witnessed with my own eyes". Gore Vidal termed it "one of the most important books of the past 10 years." Mark Gorton wrote in Fifty Years of the Deep State that the book the book was "excellent" and that it introduced him to the Watergate Coup.[4]


  1. How Did Bush Happen?
  2. Poppy's Secret
  3. Viva Zapata
  4. Where was Poppy?
  5. Oswald's Friend
  6. The Hit
  7. After Camelot
  8. Wings for W.
  9. The Nixonian Bushes
  10. Downing Nixon, Part I: The Setup
  11. Downing Nixon, Part II: The Execution
  12. In from the Cold
  13. Poppy's Proxy and the Saudis
  14. Poppy's Web
  15. The Handoff
  16. The Quacking Duck
  17. Playing Hardball
  18. Meet the Help
  19. The Conversion
  20. The Skeleton in W.'s Closet
  21. Shock and ... oil?
  22. Deflection for Reelection
  23. Domestic Disturbance
  24. Conclusion

Cover up

Family of Secrets "went unmentioned in the recent media coverage of Bush’s death."[5]


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