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Alma materColumbia University, UCLA
Founder ofWhoWhatWhy
Interests • Deep state
• The cabal
• Bush Family
Author of a breathtakingly definitive account of the Bush Crime Family.

Russ Baker is an investigative journalist and editor-in-chief of the research website WhoWhatWhy. He was an award-winning journalist, but prior to writing Family Of Secrets he had no great awareness of deep politics, although he once commented that "To some extent, I’ve always been a little bit suspicious of the surface narrative. I think that what has changed is my understanding of the profundity of the disconnect between what we’re told and the reality of what’s going on."[1]

On 16 August 2016, Russ Baker published A Story I Had to Leave Out of My Book.[2]


Baker received an MS in Journalism from Columbia University and a BA in Political Science from UCLA, and has been a member of the adjunct faculty of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.


After graduation from the Columbia School of Journalism, Baker worked as a metro reporter with Newsday in New York City.[1] In 1989, he became a New York correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor. He also wrote for the Village Voice in New York, producing cover stories on corruption in the police union,[3] the use of humanitarian international relief as cover for covert operations, and the displacement and destruction of small businesses in New York through massive commercial rent increases.

In the early 1990s, Baker served as a member of the adjunct faculty at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Family Of Secrets

Full article: Family Of Secrets
Russ Baker's magnum opus, which exposed George H. W. Bush as never before

Russ Baker's magnum opus is Family Of Secrets, first published in 2009. When he started writing it in 2004, his initial goal was to discover how someone as unlikely as George W. Bush could have become US President.[4] In the course of several years of research, he gradually pieced together a sprawling backstory involving George H. W. Bush's career long involvement in the CIA, making the book a highly revealing read for anyone interested in understanding the US Deep State. Before writing it, Baker says, he shied away from investigating certain controversial topics, wary of being labeled a nut or a crackpot. But now, "the gloves are off",[1] although in 2016 he commented that the story about John Hinckley's family connection to the Bush Family was "story was so baffling and off-putting that... I.. did not mention it."[5] Mark Gorton cites as this book as a major influence on his groundbreaking Fifty Years of The Deep State.


Full article: WhoWhatWhy

Russ Baker founder and editor-in-chief of the crowd-funded non-profit website WhoWhatWhy, which aims to try to cover the shortfall in investigative journalism in USA. This is one of the foremost websites carrying out independent research into US deep politics.


A Document by Russ Baker

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Bush angle to Reagan shooting still unresolved as Hinckley walksArticle16 August 2016Project MKUltra
George H. W. Bush
Bush family
John Hinckley
Ronald Reagan/Assassination attempt
Family Of Secrets
John Hinckley who shot and wounded President Reagan was released from a federal psychiatric facility on 5 August 2016 after being detained for 35 years. Hinckley's family were well known to the Bush family. Coincidence? Sure. Anything, after all, is possible.


Quotes by Russ Baker

Fabian Escalante“In his memoirs, Cuban intelligence official Fabian Escalante asserted that Nixon had met with an important group of Texas businessmen to arrange funding for the operation [to assassinate JFK]. Escalante, whose service was vaunted for its U.S. spy network, claimed that the Texas group was headed by George H. W. Bush and Jack Crichton.”2009Family Of Secrets
Bill Gammell“Either Gammel was an extremely visionary businessman, or he had great connections, or both. One way or the other, along with Enron and Cheney's Haliburton, Gammel's Cairn was soon making a fortune off oil in India, a country not noted for its prospects in that regard.”Family Of Secrets
Albert E. Jenner“Albert Jenner was truly a curious choice for the [Warren] commission staff. He was fundamentally a creature of the anti-Kennedy milieu - a corporate lawyer whose principal work was defending large companies against government trust-busting... Jenner's most important client was Chicago financier Henry Crown, who was the principal shareholder in General Dynamics, then the nation's largest defense contractor and a major employer in the Fort Worth area.”2009Family Of Secrets
SDS/Exposure“The story of Harken fits in perfectly with our eveolving exploration of the Bush family's role in a globally reaching, fundamentally amoral, financial intelligence resource apparatus that has never before been properly documented.”Family Of Secrets


Events Witnessed

9-11/WTC7/Destruction9-11/WTC7Compared to the WTC Twin Towers, few people have seen video footage of the collapse of the 47-story WTC building 7, but the event was predicted and recorded by at least 3 TV networks and exactly resembles a controlled demolition. The event was subject to a news blackout by commercially controlled media for years afterwards, no mention of WTC7 was made in the 9/11 Commission's final report and Wikipedia has no separate page for this event.
Truth And Reconciliation Committee on the Assassinations Of The 1960sA call for a Truth And Reconciliation Committee
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