Giovanni De Lorenzo

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Person.png Giovanni De Lorenzo  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(soldier, spook, deep state actor)
Giovanni De Lorenzo.jpg
Born29 November 1907
Died26 April 1973 (Age 65)
Rome, Italy

Employment.png Italy/Head of Carabinieri

In office
15 October 1962 - 7 January 1966
Appointed with the help of the CIA

Employment.png SIFAR/Director

In office
December 1955 - October 1962
Appointed byClaire Boothe Luce
Preceded byEttore Musco
Succeeded byEgidio Viggiani
Retained effective control of SIFAR although no longer official director

General Giovanni De Lorenzo was a deep state actor and member of the Italian deep state. He was important in the Italian Gladio network. He was head of SIFAR


"In 1956, General Giovanni De Lorenzo was named to head SIFAR on the recommendation of U.S. Ambassador Claire Boothe Luce, the avidly anticommunist wife of the publisher of Time magazine. 13 A key player in Gladio was now in place. In 1962, the CIA helped place De Lorenzo at the head of the national police (carabinieri), while he retained effective control of the secret service."