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Mogg Lauder Frost.jpg
Jacob Rees-Mogg dining with GLF
BornGregory MacLennan Scholey Lauder-Frost
8 August 1951
Founder ofTraditional Britain Group

Gregory Lauder-Frost, (commonly referred to as GLF) is a traditional High Tory[1] and former Conservative Party constituency officer and patron. He was a leading member and officer of the Conservative Monday Club. From 1977 - 1992 he was a member of the conservative Primrose League[2] and from 1989 - 2001 was a Vice-President of the Western Goals Institute. He founded the Traditional Britain Group in 2001 of which he remains a Vice-President, and was a founding committee member of the now defunct Conservative Democratic Alliance.

GLF is a Life Member, past Secretary-General and Publications Editor, of the International Monarchist League[3], being described as “Britain's Staunchest Monarchist”.[4][5]


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