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BornJune 1962
ResidenceSomorset,  UK
Alma materUniversity of Southampton
SpouseLaura Jane Spindler
Member ofInstitute for Statecraft, Institute for Statecraft/Tor team
UK Spook. Chief Operations Officer of the Institute for Statecraft.

Guy David St.John Kelso Spindler is a UK MI6 officer whose name was leaked by Richard Tomlinson in 1999. He was Chief Operations Officer of the Institute for Statecraft in 2019.[1]


Guy Spindler may have been born in 1962,[2] although his Companies house page claims "February 1957".[3] His LinkedIn page stated that he attended the University of Southampton.[4]


Guy Spindler joined MI6 in 1987: Moscow.[5]


Guy Spindler member of the IfS "TOR Team" with a reported 25 years of experience. His job title is listed as "Institution building" and his other roles as "Govt-NGO relationship building; network and cluster management".[6]

On 25 May 2018 he started Maesdown, a consultancy company with his wife. The company was dissolved on 2 July 2019.[7]


Guy Spindler's name was included on a list of MI6 agents leaked by Richard Tomlinson in 1999, next to the annotation "Guy David St. John Kelso Spindler: 87 Moscow, 97 Pretoria; dob 1962."[8]


On 12 May 2019, David Miller tweeted "If II is not MI6 why is a serving 6 Officer their Chief Operating Office?"[9] Later that month, Guy Spindler's LinkedIn page had been amended, to suggest that he had retired from the Foreign Office and by implication MI6 in June 2017.[10]

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