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BornMay 1964
Founder ofOrganisation for Propaganda Studies, Powerbase, Spinwatch
Member ofWorking Group on Syria Propaganda and Media
Victim ofanti-semitism
Interests • “Social power”
• PR
• propaganda
• fake news
• “terrorism”
Interest of"Philip Cross"
Founder of Powerbase & Spinwatch and incisive reporter into the state of the world.

Not to be confused with the David Miller (ADS) who was Finance Director of Aegis Defence Services.

David Miller is a UK academic. He was a "well-established and influential professor of sociology known for his work on propaganda" at the University of Strathclyde (2004–2011), then the University of Bath (2011-2018) and finally the University of Bristol (2018-2021) whence he was dismissed after a "relentless character assassination campaign [that] smeared him as antisemitic".[1] He founded Spinwatch and Powerbase and co-founded the Organisation for Propaganda Studies.


On 1 October 2021, the University of Bristol – after a near 3 year-long pro-Israel lobbying campaign – fired David Miller.[2] Professor Piers Robinson wrote:

The pro-Israel lobby and the University of Bristol might think that they have secured a major victory in their campaign to silence critical debate on Israel, but they will not have the last word and, certainly, they will not have succeeded in silencing Professor Miller nor putting a stop to his essential work. Despite the personal loss, and unlike the University of Bristol, Professor Miller will emerge stronger and more influential than ever.[3]


Miller has written for The Guardian, including a 2015 article which began with the observation that "it’s becoming much harder for UK academics to discuss issues such as conflict and terrorism." He has also criticised Islamophobia.[4] A 2006 article "began by noting that "A succession of scandals in the US has revealed widespread government funding of PR agencies to produce 'fake news'. Actors take the place of journalists and the 'news' is broadcast as if it were genuine."[5]

From 2013-2016 he was RCUK Global Uncertainties Leadership Fellow leading a project on understanding and explaining terrorism expertise in practice.


His publications include "A Century Of Spin".


Documents by David Miller

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Aerial combatarticle18 November 1994London Radio Service
Document:Cabinet Publicity Committeebook extract1994Propaganda
Northern Ireland
Document:Cabinet Publicity Committee
Document:Don't Mention the Warbook extract1994Gibraltar shootings
Document:Northern Ireland Information Service - Background Briefing Documentsbook extract1994Northern Ireland Information Service
Document:Northern Ireland Information Service - MisinformationBook1994Provisional Irish Republican Army
Mark Urban
John Stalker
It is now well established (and has been admitted by the government), that the task of the Information Policy branch of Army headquarters in the early to mid 1970s was disinformation. False stories were spread in order to discredit the IRA as well as other enemies of the Intelligence services, such as Loyalist politicians and the Labour government.
Document:Northern Ireland Information Service - Planting Storiesbook extract1994Propaganda
Northern Ireland Information Service
Document:Northern Ireland Information Service - Targeting Audiencesbook extract1994Northern Ireland Information Service
Document:Northern Ireland Information Service - Using other peoplebook extract1994Northern Ireland Information Service
Document:Northern Ireland Information Service - Visitsbook extract1994Northern Ireland Information Service
Document:Real Lives - Extract from Don't Mention the Warbook extract1994Propaganda
Northern Ireland
Document:Russia, Novichok and the long tradition of British government misinformationarticle12 April 2018Propaganda
Skripal Affair
Document:The British Media and Gibraltarbook extract1994Propaganda
Gibraltar shootings
Northern Ireland
Document:The Committeebook extract1994Propaganda
Northern Ireland
Royal Ulster Constabulary
Document:The Damage Was Donebook extract1989David Miller of the Glasgow University Media Group continues an investigation, begun in the February 1989 issue of Magill into the media coverage of the Gibraltar shootings of the three IRA members on March 6 1988. Here he examines the media treatment of the inquest into the shootings.
Document:The Truth on the Rocksbook extractThe media research goup at Glasgow University has conducted a major survey of the media's handling of the killings in Gibraltar of the three IRA members on March 6 last year up to but not including the coverage of the inquest in September. It represents a serious indictment of the British media's handling of the affair and particularly that of The Sunday Times. We publish here in full the Glasgow University Media Research Unit survey.
File:Damage.pdfReportApril 1989Gibraltar shootingsInvestigation into media treatment of the inquest into the killing of three IRA members in Gibraltar on 6 March 1988


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