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Group.png Institute for Statecraft/Tor teamRdf-icon.png
HeadquartersTemple, London, UK
Membership• Simon Bracey-Lane
• Stephen Dalziel
• Yusuf Desai
• Chris Donnelly
• Euan Grant
• Charlie Hatton
• Chris Hernon
• Victor Madeira
• Ben Robinson
• Greg Rowett
• Guy Spindler
• James Wilson
• Raheem Shapi
• Diane Allen
• Jamal Al-Tahat
• Josh Arnold-Foster
• Barrie Axford
• Anne Bader
• Quique Badia Masoni
• Oleksandr Danylyuk
• Nico de Pedro
• Harold Elletson
• Perry Fawcett
• Alex Finnen
• Mark Galeotti
• Babak Ganji
• Francis Ghiles
• Keir Giles
• Roger Golland
• Jon Hazel
• Steve Johnson
• Phil Jolley
• Stephen Jolly
• Ren Kapur
• Dmytro Kolomoiets
• Birgy Lorenz
• John Lough
• Tim Reilly
• Alan Riley
• Andy Settle
• James Sherr
• Andrew Shortland
• Luis Simon
• Henry Strickland
• Tomas Tauginas
• Jason Wiseman
• Andrew Wood
An unidentified subgroup of the Institute for Statecraft
The top of the Tor Team.pdf document

The Institute for Statecraft's TOR team (or Tor team) is a sub group that was identified by Tor Team.pdf, a document from tranche 4 of the Integrity Initiative leak.


The name might be a reference to Tor, a piece of software designed by the US military, which some people believe preserves anonymity online. "TOR Team" is the name at the top of the document, but the filename is Tor Team.pdf, uncapitalised.




The activities of the group are unknown.


The members are listed in the order given on the right - i.e. Two sets in alphabetical order.