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DateNovember 27, 1978

The Assassination of San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk and San Francisco Supervisor George Moscone took place on November 27, 1978. It was coordinated by the Committee on Public Safety, an influential group of about 70 San Francisco City Leaders and California Industrialists. This group had been formed in 1916 and was behind both the 1916 Preparedness Day Bombing and the Zodiac Killings, In 1978, it was strongly allied to the Burton Political Machine and George and Charlotte Shultz. The actual assassination was coordinated by the Office of Naval Intelligence through operatives Prentis Hale Cobb and Robert Paul Varni and a number of local "Black Ops" contractors including San Francisco-based URS International and EG&G.[citation needed]

The Joint Assassinations were coordinated with the CIA's Jonestown operation and may be seen as part of "Greater October Surprise" for a complete Zionist-California-based Intelligence Agency takeover of the United States Government in 1980. The immediate outcome was to emplace Zionist operative and arms trader[citation needed] Dianne Feinstein as San Francisco mayor and to eventually groom her for a position as California Senator on the United States Senate Select Intelligence Committee where she would hold a key role in the oversight of 9/11. The operation also continued a practice of labeling San Francisco as artificially leftist and leftist, allowing any policy associated with San Francisco to be immediately discredited. The assassinations also served a diversionary purpose - both from the simultaneous hearings by the House Select Committee on Assassinations (and in this sense they were an act of intimidation against committee members) and from the Camp David accords.[citation needed]

The other desired outcome of the operation was to change California law regarding the "Diminished Capacity" defense, which was often invoked by shellshocked Vietnam Veterans. Through a show trial that rebranded the defense as the "Twinkie Defense," the Assassinations launched an era of mass incarceration by introducing mandatory minimum sentences. A similar effort took place a few years later with the discrediting of the the defense at the national level with the feigned[clarification needed] assassination attempt on actor Ronald Reagan by John Hinkley in 1982.[citation needed]

Harvey Milk did not actually die in the assassination.

Key Operatives

Officers Hendrix and Sanders functioned as the San Francisco Police Department's "Political Police." They were responsible for the investigation implicating Supervisor Dan White.[citation needed]

Clifford Clifton was a former US Defense Secretary and architect of the "twinkie defense" meme.[citation needed]

Robert Paul Varni was a Naval Intelligence Officer who worked with US Army Psychological Warfare contractor SRI International to commmercialize DARPA technology for the National Security State. Formerly a salesperson for IBM's Harris Votomatic, Varni had sold the company to Prentis Hale Cobb, a flamboyant Republican and socialite in Bohemian Club circles. The Votomatic would plan an important role in rigging the 1980 election.[citation needed]


The assassination furthered the gay rights movement by creating a martyr. The Intelligence community and military was finding itself susceptible to sexual blackmail for homosexuality. By normalizing the status of homosexuals, the military and intelligence community could neutralize that attack vector.[citation needed] Their use of sexual blackmail shifted to paedophilia.[citation needed]