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A long established tactic used to exert covert control over specific individuals.

Sexual blackmail is a standard element of statecraft and organised crime. Individuals over which deep states seek control, are either induced to voluntarily perform proscribed sexual acts, or rendered insensible through use of drugs and then framed. Scopolamine or substances similar in effect might be used. Once compromising recordings have been made, they are used to blackmail people, facilitating the covert subversion of public organisations by deep state operatives.[1]

Official narrative

There is little discussion of sexual blackmail in the commercially-controlled media. On the (presumably relatively rare) occasions when sexually compromising material is released featuring public figures, its source tends to go undiscussed, as does the reason for its release. Connections to similar cases are rarely made and the topic of sexual blackmail is rarely if ever placed in context. Coverage instead remains firmly on the smaller picture, i.e. speculations about individuals' sexual proclivities. Revealingly, evidence which in other contexts might be considered actionable is often not deemed sufficient for prosecution, allowing for the story to be quickly dropped once it has had its desired effect.

“Investigating the pornography habits or sexual proclivities of a North Korean general to blackmail him into committing espionage might be justifiable. Doing the same thing to foreign religious figures, or innocent Americans is repugnant, if not illegal.”
Michael German (December 11, 2014)  [2]


The CIA had a blackmail operation in New York using both male and female prostitutes.

In 1953 the CIA started Operation Midnight Climax, which covertly filmed unwitting people's sexual encounters with prostitutes, as part of its research into the effects of drugs such as LSD, and into clandestine recording technology.

Modus operandi

The first step in a sexual blackmail operation is to choose the target. These tend to be people with important decision making roles, predominantly male. Surveillance can reveal their sexual orientation, which is factored in when choosing suitable bait.

Sexual sting operations

Full article: Sexual sting operation
Jeffrey Epsteins Little St. James, a 72-acre private island in the US Virgin Islands, dubbed "Pedophile Island" and "Orgy Island" by locals, according to the Los Angeles Times. The rooms and places have most certainly been wired, with the police / FBI investigation being blind on that aspect and/or leaving much time for the removal.

Blackmail is the use of compromising recordings in obtained in control the subjects through threat of exposure. Sibel Edmonds alleged in 2017 that Jan Schakowsky had been set up for this type of blackmail, though she says she has not seen evidence that Schakowsky complied.[3] This is to be distinguished from the obtaining of a recording in order to expose it, for example to induce a resignation, which is more properly described as a sexual sting operation.


Full article: Stub class article VIPaedophile/Venue

In he past, effective recording required a prepared room equipped with microphones and hidden cameras to ensure reliable depiction of the sexual acts. UK groups had regular venues to carry out such operations, reportedly including Kincora Boys' Home, Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square.[4]

US venues are rumored to include Washington's "embassy row" and at least one of Jeffrey Epstein's private islands. Technological developments allow for easier gathering of blackmail material.

Drugs and peer pressure

Spooks and diplomats should be well aware of this tactic, so drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, benzodiazepines, aphrodisiacs or scopolamine may be administered to lower self-control and/or impair memory. Peer pressure from compromised individuals is another vital element, for example, who may induce colleagues to drinking with them at social functions.

Coordinated subversion

Where individuals are fully blackmailable, their decisions are controlled by whoever (they believe) holds the evidence of their entrapment. This provides a means whereby they can be induced to set aside personal animosity and coordinate their efforts. Indeed, a public conflict between individuals (and so, groups) can work as a screen for covert collaboration. It stands to reason that this system of subversion is employed all over the world and most heavily in western Europe and north America where the white male[5][6][7][8] is shaping the political processes.


Institutions which vest decision making in a few senior individuals (i.e. hierarchies) are particularly vulnerable to subversion by blackmail, since only a few people need be compromised. Where advancement up the hierarchy is accompanied by increased privileges (e.g. a high salary) the compromised individuals and their compromisers have a mutual self interest in their advancement up the hierarchy.


Many different taboos surround sexual activity so, various forms may have been used for blackmail since time immemorial. Methods have evolved along with changes in sexual taboos and recording technology. The In the modern era, recording devices - particularly cameras - have boosted its effectiveness. Copies of these recordings may or may not be given to the victims, and the threat of their exposure may or may not be made explicit.


Homosexuality used to be taboo and/or illegal in many countries such as UK. This is interesting when combined with the observation that certain institutions (particularly all male boarding schools) might almost have been designed to promote it. Some commentators[Who?] have commented that various intelligence agencies have had (or still have?) a culture of homosexuality.[citation needed] (J. Edgar Hoover, for example is widely suspected of being a homosexual and of having a 40 year 'marriage' to his deputy Clyde Tolson[9][10]). Spooks are not widely noted for their habitual following of laws, so one explanation for this culture of sexual criminalization might be the desire to use sexually blackmail to rein in members of these organisations.

The legalisation of homosexuality rendered obsolete an accumulated stock of recordings of homosexual sex. Later operations instead switched to "sex" with juveniles and/or rape of children.

The Badger Game

Eric Berne and other psychologists (Greenacre, "The conscience of the psychopath") mention an ancient game where a woman seduces the mark and just in the moment of intercourse, the husband "happens" to walk in for the purpose of blackmail. Berne includes this in the analysis of the (hysterical) game "Let's you and him fight", where a woman sets up a competition between males in an act of covert revenge or sadism.


J. Edgar Hoover became notorious for his use of blackmail and a 2012 biography claimed he had the largest collection of pornography in history (at the time, illegal), used in part for self-amusement, part for blackmail purposes. Hoover was reported to be "mostly interested in nudes of famous people".[9] The FBI attempted sexual blackmail of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

During the 1980s, the Franklin child prostitution ring was partly exposed.


Aa sun 19760903b p001-002.jpg

The nature of this tactic makes it hard to assess the number of individuals involved, either as victims or in the business of entrapment. It seems a fair assumption that the majority of those who are entrapped never reveal publicly that they have been subject to clandestine control. Often, only after people death does it emerge that they were being blackmailed.


The late Mark Minnie coauthored a book about a paedophile network connected the South African deep state. Many have partially exposed Hollywood/VIPaedophile over the years, including Corey Feldman, Isaac Kappy and Tracy Twyman.

Epstein Affair

Full article: Epstein Affair

The re-arrest in 2019 of notorious sexual blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein on sex crimes involving minors and his subsequent suiciding in a US jail brought the topic of sexual blackmail to the public attention.

Cultural references

Sibel Edmonds has been subject to various legal structures intended to limit her public disclosure of information. The tactic of sexual blackmail features prominently in the plot of her roman a clef, The Lone Gladio.

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Page nameDescription
Roy CohnMade his name in the 1950s during the McCarthy anti-communist hearings. Ran sexual blackmail operations that abused and exploited children. Close to both Democrat and Republican presidents.
Thomas Corbally
Dutroux AffairA 1990s partial exposure of the Belgian VIPaedophile control vector.
Robert Gray
Hollywood/VIPaedophileOver the years, many people have alleged that paedophilia is widespread in Hollywood. No systematic investigation has been carried out, but increasingly many insiders are personally testifying about the widespread nature of the business.
Jeffrey Epstein/AffairAn SDS-backed billionaire financial fraudster and sexual blackmailer reportedly suicided in 2019.
Markovic affairWhen a sexual blackmailer was killed in 196, it soon turned out he had pictures of very prominent persons, including future President Georges Pompidou and his wife Claude.
Lewis RosenstielGangster, businessman, philanthropist and sexual blackmailer.
The PedophocracyA term coined by David McGowan, who claims that the abuse of children forms a part of the habits of control of the ruling elite.
US/VIPaedophilePaedophilia has a long history of use by the US deep state to facilitate covert control, especially of politicians, police and the judiciary.
VIPaedophileAllegations of pedophilia amongst the most senior positions in society are persistent in many countries, as is the pattern of official denial, losing documents, sudden deaths of researchers and failure to prosecute.


Sexual blackmail victims on Wikispooks

Klaus-Georg von AmsbergPrince Claus of the Netherlands, fought for Hitler, implicated in underage sex ring with mayor Ed van Thijn and finance minister Onno Ruding. Alleged victim of sexual blackmail.
Robert BoothbyBritish politician and UK deep state operative, Clermont Set, Bilderberg
Peter FrelinghuysenUS politician and lawyer
Edward HeathUK Prime Minister, posthumously suggested to be controlled through the UK/VIPaedophile operation
Khadija Ismayilova
David LinleyViscount Linley was listed in sexual blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book, an interesting fact, considering he was attempted blackmailed in 2007.
Max MosleyYoungest son of Sir Oswald Mosley and Diana Mitford. President of the governing body for Formula One, and target of deep state sexual blackmail in 2008.
Lionel Murphy
John Sewel
John VassallBritish clerk who was pressured with sexual blackmail into spying for the Soviets.
Woodrow WilsonA tool of the US deep state.


Related Quotations

Agent Orange“Dr. Vernon Houk quickly comes to mind when I think of a patron of my escort service who may have fallen prey to blackmail. Houk was Director of the Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control, and also as the Assistant Surgeon General under both presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Although Houk lived in Atlanta...he was fond of holing up D.C. hotels with multiple bottles of booze and several escorts over the course of a weekend, and [likely CIA operative] Tony was also fully cognizant of the eminent doctor's bacchanal laced sprees.
In the 1980s, Congress tasked Houk with overseeing a study on the toxic effects of Agent Orange on Vietnam veterans, who had been subjected to the carcinogenic chemical en masse. Houk, however, declared that the soldiers' records made it impossible to discern the extent of Vietnam veterans who were subjected to Agent Orange, and he put the kibosh on the study. But a former chief of Naval Operations, who was the Navy's top commander in Vietnam, told a House subcommittee that Houk "made it his mission to manipulate and prevent the true facts from being determined" in his quest to cover up the true carnage spawned by Agent Orange. If Houk had proceeded with the Agent Orange study, the Pentagon undoubtedly would've been liable for astronomical, class action lawsuits.”
Henry Vinson2015
Contadora Island“Surely you've heard the rumors about why Noriega was taken down and today rots in a U.S. prison."

"I've heard that he had cameras on Contadora Island." It was an infamous resort off Panama's coast, a "safe haven" where U.S. businessmen could treat politicians to every conceivable vice. I had visited—and used—Contadora several times during my EHM days.

"You heard who got caught by those cameras?"

"Rumors that George W. was photographed doing coke and having kinky sex during the time his father was president." There was a theory in Latin America that Noriega had used incriminating photos of the younger Bush and his cronies to convince the older Bush, the president, to side with the Panamanian administration on key issues. In retaliation, H. W. invaded Panama and hustled Noriega off to a Miami prison. The building housing Noriega's confidential files had been incinerated by bombs; as a side effect, more than two thousand innocent civilians were burned to death in Panama City that day in December 1989. Many people claimed that this theory offered the only logical explanation for violently attacking a nation without an army and that posed no threat to the United States.
Jose nodded. "From where I sit, those rumors ring awfully true. I've experienced things that take them out of the realm of fantasy." He cocked his head. "So have you." He paused, looking around. "And it terrifies me."
John Perkins2007
Jeffrey Epstein/"Suicide"“Everyone has compromising dossiers on one another, to be used as leverage in the right situation.”Michel Nihoul2001
Estes Kefauver“One trusted Korshak friend and business associate recalled in an interview that shortly after the committee's visit Mr. Korshak had shown him infrared photographs of Senator Kefauver in an obviously compromising position with a young woman. Mr. Korshak explained, the friend said, that a woman had been supplied by the Chicago underworld and a camera had been planted in the Senator's room at the Drake Hotel to photograph her with Mr. Kefauver. "Sid showed it to me," the friend said. "That was the end of hearings, and this also made Sid a very big man with the boys. Sid was the guy responsible."”Seymour Hersh
Estes Kefauver
Monte Overacre“Monte Overacre's most important job was recruiting overseas spies. He worked on the campus of a university (though he carefully guarded the identity of the university) in the San Diego area, where he managed a team posing as telecommunications academics, recruiting visiting foreign technology experts to spy for the U.S. back in their home countries-from South America to Europe, Africa to Asia-to keep the agency on top of new technological innovations. Under the guise of running a series of seminars on telecommunications, Overacre and his MXSCOPE team would invite scientists, engineers, and government and corporate officials from all over the world to come to San Diego. Once there, unwitting attendees would be scoped out by Overacre, evaluated, and targeted for recruitment as potential CIA agents, or "assets," after they returned to their home countries. The recruitment efforts were typically unsavory. "The old methods work even with the nerds, sometimes even better," he wrote. "Trips to massage parlors, strip clubs, wild bars with aggressive white women, etc., make these guys come unglued, just like any truck driver. Once you have gotten a guy laid and paid the bill for him, you have a friend for life. Eventually, the recruits would probably be handled by a CIA case officer working out of the U.S. embassy or, more frequently, operating under nonofficial cover, posing as an American businessman. By then, the new agents likely would be on the CIA’s payroll.”Mother Jones
Monte Overacre
Robert Dreyfuss


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