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(banker, businessman)
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BornHermann Josef Abs
October 15, 1901
DiedFebruary 5, 1994 (Age 92)
Interests • Lockheed/Bribery scandals
• Red House meeting
Attended the 1958, 1961 and 1966 Bilderbergs as Chairman of Deutsche Bank.

Employment.png Chairman of Deutsche Bank

In office
1957 - 1967
Attended his three Bilderbergs during this time.

Hermann Josef Abs was a German banker whose jobs included chairman of Deutsche Bank.


Abs was a member of the board of directors of Deutsche Bank from 1938 to 1945 as well as of 44 other companies[1], including IG Farben. As the most powerful commercial banker of the Third Reich, he was, in the words of Adam LeBor, "the lynchpin of the continent wide plunder".[2]

The Allies arrested him as a suspected war criminal on January 16, 1946, however British intervention got him freed after three months despite a detailed report that would be published later.[3]. After World War II (1957–1967) he was chairman of Deutsche Bank.

Lockheed bribery scandal

Full article: Lockheed/Bribery scandals

According to statements by former Lockheed salesman Paul White, Hermann Josef Abs and German defense minister (and deep politician) Franz Josef Strauss received funds in the 1960s in connection with the sale of Lockheed Super Constellation and Electra aircraft to Lufthansa. Lockheed proceeded similarly when selling the F-104 to the German Luftwaffe:

 “White told the FMOD (Foreign Ministry of Defense) that Lockheed had hired Frank Fahle at the suggestion of Herman Abs, that Abs and Strauss had received money in connection with the sale of Constellations and Electras to Lufthansa and that the same pattern of dealing was continuing on the 104 sale. White quit Lockheed before the 104 payments began and therefore could provide only the modis operandi.[4][5]


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/195813 September 195815 September 1958Buxton
The 7th Bilderberg and the first one in the UK. 72 guests
Bilderberg/196121 April 196123 April 1961Canada
The 10th Bilderberg, the first in Canada and the 2nd outside Europe.
Bilderberg/196625 March 196627 March 1966Germany
Hotel Nassauer Hof
Top of the agenda of the 15th Bilderberg in Wiesbaden, Germany, was the restructuring of NATO. Since this discussion was held, all permanent holders of the position of NATO Secretary General have attended at least one Bilderberg conference prior to their appointment.
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