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The opposites of enemy images

Hero images are the polar opposites of enemy images.


Hero images are the polar opposite of enemy images. Anthony Fauci was a hero image for many people in the early stages of COVID-19, as a familiar smooth talking authority figure.

A Roman Catholic style hero image of Anthony Fauci.

“His historical cultivation of relationships with gay leaders was one of the factors that made Dr. Fauci a darling of liberals during the early COVID crisis. Numerous other historical and personal factors induced liberals to accept Dr. Fauci without scrutiny. Blind faith in Saint Anthony Fauci may go down in history as the fatal flaw of contemporary liberalism and the destructive force that subverted American democracy, our constitutional government, and global leadership.”
JFK Jr (2021)  [1]

On Wikispooks

Hero images, like enemy images, are unwanted on this website, since they mitigate against clear thinking.



Page nameDescription
"Counter-extremism"Like "counter-terrorism", supposedly a force to counter "extremism". In practice, such efforts deserve closer scrutiny, not least because of the plastic nature of the word "extremism".
"Counter-terrorism"A component of the military-industrial-terrorism-congressional complex which has seen a dramatic growth since 9-11. Originally referred to special forces trained in terrorist warfare, it became a broader meaning for loss of civil liberties and a culture of fear and mistrust.
James BondHero image character used to promote the intelligence agencies


An official example

Anthony Fauci
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