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Ian Pannell is a former BBC journalist who in March 2017, 21st Century Wire shortlisted Ian Pannell for their 2017 Horace Greeley Award for Best Fake News Journalist, but she did not win.[1]


21st Century Wire record that "Panel ran point on the BBC’s now legendary Panorama program, Saving Syria’s Children which ran on the day of the Syrian War vote in August 2013. This ‘documentary’ has been exposed as one of the most egregious examples of manipulated pro-intervention propaganda ever. Looking back at it, it borders on the absurd. Amazing to think anyone thought it was real to begin with."[1]

Pannell used Al-Qaeda linked jihadi group Ahrar al-Sham as security during the filming of Saving Syria's Children, "scant weeks after the group’s participation in the massacre and kidnap of civilians, and that Conway’s close-quarters footage of alleged victims arriving at Atareb Hospital features at least one vehicle prominently displaying the ISIS banner."[2]