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The Integrity Initiative's possible other Clusters


Eduard Abrahayman (sic.) is on a list of possible members.[1]


Plamen Pantev from the Institute for Security & International Studies and Solomon Passy from the The Atlantic Club are on a list of possible members.[2]


Mitar Kuyundzic is on a list of possible members.[3]


Jaroslav Hajecek,Jakub Janda from the think-tank European Values and Frantisek Vrabel from Semantic Visions are on a list of possible members.[4]


Péter Krekó from Political Capital is on a list of possible members.[5]


Is the Integrity Initiative planning a cluster even in Russia? The Lithuanian citizen Vygaudas Usackas is mentioned as a Russia contact in a list of possible members.[6]

Saudi Arabia

Does the Saudi press need influencing? The British dilpomat Joseph Walker-Cousins is mentioned as 'Saudi Arabia' on a list of possible contacts.[7]


Mario Nicolini (maybe also spelled Mario Nicolinió) is on a list of possible members.[8]


Thammy Evans and Thierry Malleret are on a list of possible members.[9]


Only the name Borzou Daragahi on a list of possible members is known of any Turkish activity.[10]

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