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Group.png Integrity Initiative/Cluster/UK/Outer Core
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Parent organizationIntegrity Initiative/Cluster/UK
Membership• Alastair Aitken
• Diane Allen
• Robin Ashcroft
• Chris Bell
• Ben Bradshaw
• Baiba Braze
• Nick Childs
• Alzbeta Chmelarova
• Roderick Collins
• Clement Daudy
• Gabriel Daudy
• Graham Geale
• Zach Harkenrider
• Alexander Hoare
• Steve Jermy
• Agnes Josa
• Orsyia Lutsevych
• Carl Miller
• Julian Moore
• David Nicholas
• Paddy Nicoll
• Alexandros Papaioannou
• Maya Parmar
• Ellie Scarnell
• Asta Skaigiryte
• Lucy Stafford
• Gintaras Stonys
• Steve Tatham
• Adam Thompson
• Ian Williams
• James Wilson
• Alistair Wood
The Integrity Initiative's UK Outer Core Cluster

Not to be confused with the Inner core.

The Outer Core Cluster of the Integrity Initiative was leaked in the first Integrity Initiative Leak.


The Anglo-American Establishment.jpg

The name "outer core" is reminiscent of Carroll Quigley's description of the Milner Group, an earlier incarnation of the UK deep state. His posthumously published study of The Anglo-American Establishment structured the group into three concentric rings with the "Society of the Elect" at the center, followed by the "Inner Circle" and then the "Outer Circle".


Known members

4 of the 32 of the members already have pages here:

Diane AllenOne of the first women in the Sandhurst, an Institute for Statecraft senior spook with DV (developed vetting)
Ben BradshawUK politician and a member of the Integrity Initiative
Carl MillerIntegrity Initiative UK Cluster outer core member
James WilsonInstitute for Statecraft connected lawyer
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