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Concept.png Asset 
A resource by means of which intelligence is gathered; but also a person through whom things are getting done.

An asset (or intelligence asset) can be a person within an organization or country, who provides information to an outside party; a HUMINT source.

It can also be used to describe journalists who receive their manuscripts, or work orders, from intelligence agencies.

General definition for intelligence gathering

An asset can be: "any thing designed, developed, cultivated or utilized to collect [the] information [which is] required." The asset is what is used to get the information.[1]

Politicians as assets

Jeff Gates expresses the view that: "An asset is someone who has been profiled in sufficient depth, that if you put them in a time place and circumstance, you know within an acceptable range of probabilities, that they will perform consistent with their personality profile."[2] By extension of that thought an asset is a person in a position of influence, in politics or other areas, where he/she accomplishes things on behalf of a third party, knowingly or unknowingly.

Adolf Hitler was profiled from the US side as early as 1922 by military attache Truman Smith to: "form an estimate of his character, personality, abilities, and weaknesses."[3]


An example

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Gannett/AssetsThe assets of Gannett, the mass media corporation.