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Countries with a party member of International Democrat Union in government, as of February 2017
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HeadquartersOslo, Norway
LeaderChairman of the International Democrat Union
Membership• Democratic Party of Albania
• Liberal Party of Australia
• Austrian People's Party
• Republican Proposal
• Azerbaijan National Independence Party
• Social Democrat Movement
• Party of Democratic Action
• Party of Democratic Progress
• Brazil Democrats
• Union of Democratic Forces
• Conservative Party of Canada
• Independent Democratic Union
• National Renewal
• Kuomintang
• Colombian Conservative Party
• Democratic Center
• Croatian Democratic Union
• Democratic Rally
• Civic Democratic Party
• Conservative People's Party
• Dominica Freedom Party
• National Progressive Force
• Ecuador Social Christian Party
• Nationalist Republican Alliance
• Pro Patria and Res Publica Union
• European People's Party
• Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists
• Finnish National Coalition Party
• The Republicans (France)
• United National Movement (Georgia)
• Christian-Democratic Movement
• Christian Democratic Union
• Christian Social Union of Bavaria
• Ghana/New Patriotic Party
• New Democracy
• New National Party
• Guatemala Unionist Party
• National Party of Honduras
• Fidesz
• Iceland Independence Party
• Bharatiya Janata Party
• Jamaica Labour Party
• Liberty Korea Party
• Lebanese Forces
• Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats
• Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity
• National Action Party
• Maldivian Democratic Party
• Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova
• Mongolia/Democratic Party
• Movement for Changes
• Istiqlal Party
• New Zealand/National Party
• Nicaragua/Conservative Party
• Norway/Conservative Party
• Panama/Democratic Change
• Peru/Christian People's Party
• CDS – People's Party
• Democratic Party of Serbia
• Slovenian Democratic Party
• Spain/People's Party
• Sri Lanka/United National Party
• Sweden/Moderate Party
• Forum for Democratic Change
• UK/Conservative Party
• Democratic Unionist Party
• Republican Party
• Project Venezuela

The International Democrat Union is an international alliance of political parties.


Known members

6 of the 69 of the members already have pages here:

Australia/Liberal PartySees itself as state-bearing party
Christian Democratic UnionThe largest political party in Germany.
Christian Social UnionThe largest political party in Bavaria.
Conservative PartyRuling political party of the United Kingdom
Conservative Party (Norway)
US/Republican Party
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