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The Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress (ICSEP) is "an independent pro-market public policy think tank" which was set up in 1983. [1]

The late Arthur Seldon was a member of ICSEP, which is run by Daniel Doron, a former Israeli intelligence officer and Special Consultant to the US Embassy in Tel Aviv. The US ICSEP board includes Irving Kristol, while the UK ICSEP has Sir Stanley Kalms (ex-Treasurer of Conservative Party), Ralph Harris (Institute for Economic Affairs), Lord Young (British Telecom, Cable & Wireless, and British Aerospace) and Sir David Alliance (who paid the Labour Party more than £5,000 for dinner tickets in 1998) and Gerald Ronson the convicted fraudster.[2] Richard Fox is part of Fitch's Sovereign group which rates Israel's economy. David Lewis (one of its UK 'friends') is also a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel.


Board of Advisors

ICSEP has an Israeli Board of Advisors comprised of over forty of the country's most distinguished economists, jurists and social scientists. ICSEP is completely non-partisan, its board members representing all Israel's universities and a broad spectrum of opinions. All Board members agree, however, that Israel's economy needs basic structural reform.

Bar-Ilan University

  • Prof. Tikva Darvis
  • Dr. Sarit Cohen-Goltner
  • Prof. Arieh Hillman
  • Prof. Yehoshua Lieberman
  • Prof. Yaffa Machnes
  • Prof. Shoshana Noiman
  • Prof. Yaacov Parush
  • Prof. Yaacov Rosenberg
  • Prof. Yohanan Schamurov
  • Prof. Jacques Silver

Ben-Gurion University

  • Prof. Arie Avishur
  • Prof. Oded Hochman

Haifa University

  • Prof. Nahum Biger
  • Prof. Moshe Kim
  • Prof. Arieh Melnick
  • Prof. Steven Plaut
  • Prof. Avri Ravid

Hebrew University

  • Prof. Avi Ben-Bassat
  • Prof. Menachem Brenner
  • Prof. Avraham Friedman
  • Prof. Dan Galai
  • Prof. Israel Gilad
  • Prof. Yoram Lanskroner
  • Prof. Yehushua Porat
  • Prof. Uriel Procaccia
  • Prof. Marhall Sarnat
  • Prof. Eytan Sheshinsky

Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center

  • Prof. Moshe Bar-Niv
  • Prof. Uriel Reichman

The Technion

  • Prof. Benny Eden
  • Prof. Uri Ben-Zion
  • Prof. Moshe Bental
  • Prof. Allan Kirshenbaum

Tel Aviv University

  • Prof. Gideon Doron
  • Prof. Zvi Eckstein
  • Prof. Dan Givoli
  • Prof. Avner Kalay
  • Prof. Shlomo Kalish
  • Prof. Emmanuel Marx
  • Prof. Assaf Razin
  • Prof. Ephraim Sadka
  • Prof. Itzhak Swari
  • Prof. Meir Tamari


Director: Daniel Doron,

ICSEP's Director of Research is Hebrew University Professor of Economics David Levhari, former President of the Falk Economic Research Institute and an economist of international renown.

ICSEP has a small core administrative staff and hires outside expert help for each of its projects, thereby cutting costs and achieving operational flexibility and quality.


US Board of Governors

c/o Fox Enterprises 955 Chesterbrook Road, Suite 125 Wayne, PA 19087-5615 +1 (610) 640-1400

US friends of ICSEP

ICSEP's Friends organization in the US is chaired by Richard Fox, Chairman of the Board of Temple University and a leading developer and major figure in American-Jewish politics.

ICSEP's US Board includes such distinguished scholars as Professors Irving Kristol and the late Herbert Stein; and prominent Jewish leaders, including two former National Chairmen of the United Jewish Appeal.

Curtis Katz Leslie Lenkowsky Prof. Henry G. Manne Prof. David Meiselman Arthur Powell Stephen Shalom Prof. David Sidorsky Prof. S. Fred Singer Judge Abraham Sofaer James S. Tisch David Wachs Alan Wurtzel

UK Board of Governors

David Lewis, CBE, FCA, President Lord Stanley Kalms, Vice-President Patrons: Lord Harris of High Cross, Lord Young of Graffham Founder: The Late Sir Emmanuel Kaye President Emeritus: Sir Ronald Cohen

c/o David Lewis Chelsea House Westgate, Hanger Lane Londond W51DR +44 (208) 998-8822

ICSEP's British Friends


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