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HeadquartersRome, Italy
Membership• Luigi Cavalchini
• Marta Dassù
• Gian Maria Gros-Pietro
• Giuliano da Empoli
• Claudio Bisogniero

The Italy-USA Foundation (Italian: Fondazione Italia USA) is one of the five most important think tanks in Italy.


The Italy-USA Foundation is one of the first five most important think tanks in Italy also in 2020, according to the report Cogito Ergo Sum by the organization Openpolis.[1]

The largest and most interconnected structures are historically 5 organizations,specifically the Aspen Institute Italia (president Giulio Tremonti), Astrid (president Franco Bassanini), Italy-USA Foundation (president Mauro della Porta Raffo), Italia Decide (president Luciano Violante) and Italianieuropei (president Massimo D’Alema), according to the the research from Openopolis, that examined 153 think tanks in Italy.

The 'non-partisan' (i.e. agreeing on subjects that are beyond debate, like NATO, US bases and an economy open for U.S. corporations) Italy-USA Foundation, is also the structure with the highest number of parliamentarians: “the Italy-USA Foundation can count ties with 29 parliamentarians, the highest figure among the organizations surveyed. In particular, 18 deputies and 11 senators are part of the foundation. It should be noted above all that the Italy-USA Foundation has representatives in all the main political parties, from the Democratic Party to the League, passing through the 5 Stars Movement and Forza Italia.

The Italy-USA Foundation also is the organization, beyond the parliamentarians, with the largest number of journalists, ambassadors, exponents of culture, fashion, science, entertainment, and Nobel laureates, over 120 important personalities, "united by the friendship between Italy and the United States of America".

The Italy-USA Foundation does not receive donations from public or private companies, or by any public or governmental or local institution or body, nor sponsorships or advertisements by companies. The Italy-USA Foundation is the in Italy to be supported only and exclusively by the individual membership fees of its members.


Known members

All 5 of the members already have pages here:

Claudio BisognieroItalian diplomat
Luigi CavalchiniAttended the 1998 Bilderberg as Italian Permanent Representative to the European Union.
Marta DassùDeep state connected general director of the international activities of Aspen Institute Italy. NATO, Trilateral Commission, European Council on Foreign Relations, International Institute for Strategic Studies...
Giuliano da EmpoliItalian think-tanker showered with literary prizes for writing "Putin only understands the language of violence"
Gian Maria Gros-PietroAttended the 2001 Bilderberg meeting as President of oil and gas company Eni.
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