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Place.png JMWAVE
(CIA station)
A vital CIA station in the development of the conspiracy to assassinate JFK, and therefore in the development of the modern day US Deep state.

JMWAVE in Florida was the largest CIA station in the world in 1962 when Ted Shackley was appointed to head it.[1]


In 1962, Ted Shackley worked as Station Chief of JMWAVE, which was then the largest CIA station in the world.[2]


Peter Dale Scott wrote in 1977 that "Today, no one seems to deny the illegality of the CIA's domestic JM/Wave station in Miami, which employed from 300 to 700 U.S. agents and from 2,000 to as many as 6,000 Cubans."[3]

JFK Assassination

In a 1994 letter, Bradley E. Ayers claimed that 9 people based at JM/WAVE "have intimate operational knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the assassination" of John F. Kennedy:- Edward Roderick, Gordon Campbell, Grayston Lynch, Theodore Shackley, Felix Rodriguez, Thomas Clines, David Morales, Rip Robertson and Tony Sforza.[4]

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