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"“conspiracy theorist”"
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Painesville, Ohio
ReligionEastern Othodox
InterestsCouncil on Foreign Relations

James Perloff is a US researcher who has been called a "conspiracy theorist".


In 1978 Perloff's life was changed by reading Gary Allen’s None Dare Call It Conspiracy. He writes that "For the first time, history began making sense: it had a pattern to it, and was not the haphazard amalgamation of events I had been taught in school. None Dare demonstrated that most geopolitical activity was being directed by a wealthy oligarchy who had an ultimate goal of world government."[1]


James Perloff published his first article with The New American in 1985, the beginning of a 27-year association. Later, a cover story on the Council on Foreign Relations was expanded into his first book, The Shadows of Power, which he reports has sold over 100,000 copies. Later writings include Tornado In A Junkyard, The Case Against Darwin. His latest book is Truth Is A Lonely Warrior, and he wrote the script for ShadowRing.[2]

Doubts about Rebekah Roth

Full article: “Rebekah Roth”

Like several in the 9-11 Truth movement, while Perloff was initially positive about Rebekah Roth, but experience with her made him sceptical about her true identity and motives. In January 2016, he took the unusual step of issuing a public warning about her sincerity, concluding "I don’t know... but I do believe Truthers should at least be aware that this controversy exists".[2]


Perloff "grew up in an agnostic home, then spent 10 years (1972-82) in a New Age-style cult before coming to Christ." On November 18, 2017, he became a baptized, chrismated member of the Orthodox Church.[3]

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