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Concept.png History 
Interest of• Chris Hedges
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• Ivan Illich
• Ivo Mosley
study of past events.

History is the study of the past.



Page nameDescription
BAE Systems/History
Historical revisionRewriting history.
HistoriographyThe study of the methods and biases of historians
Internet historyA history that is being erased; the history of the internet and technology.
Stockholm Network/HistoryThe history of the Stockholm Network
Supranational deep state/HistorySince the 1970s, formerly separate deep states underwent a process of integration, culminating in their planning of 9-11, the cover-up of which saw the emerging supergroup fuse into an effective single supranational deep state. Focusing on the activities of the US Deep state, this page concentrates on its integration process from the 1970s until 2001.


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Totalitarianism“The first thing every totalitarian regime does, along with confiscation and mutilation of reality, is confiscation of history and confiscation of culture. I think they all happen almost simultaneously."”Azar Nafisi
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