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(fraudster, businessman, millionaire, billionaire, money launderer)
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Criminal charge
fraud, money laundering
Criminal status
Released after paying a settlement of at least 35 million euros.
"One of the most successful international wheeler-dealers of recent decades" who lived "a charmed life on the edge" with help from the UK and US deep states

Johannes "John" Christiaan Martinus Augustinus Maria Deuss is a Dutch businessman. Deuss has been termed "one of the most successful international wheeler-dealers of recent decades". EIR termed him "Shackley's piggybank",[1] the Guardian "one of the world's most enigmatic multi-millionaires". He was "known best in oil trading and champion horse-racing circles, [and] earned a massive fortune helping apartheid South Africa to bypass international sanctions."[2]

“Secretly procuring oil for South Africa is the business of a very select group of oil traders. Besides Deuss, the central players include West German Gert Lutter; Marc Rich, a fu­gitive from American justice; and the South Africa-based Italian, Marino Chiavelli.”
EIR (24 June 1988)  [3]


"When still a nobody in the early 1970s, Deuss developed a friendship with Vasily Y. Merkulov, president of the Soviet petroleum exporting' agency VIO Soyuznefteexport (SNE).[1] After Ted Shackley left the CIA in 1979, John Deuss helped him in oil deals.[1]


Deuss was targeted by suspected Operation Gladio/Inlichtingen en Operatiën group RaRa in the 1980s for his support for South Africa.[4][5]

Sanctions evasion

"Along with US commodities pioneer Marc Rich, Deuss arranged ingenious evasions to bring secret Soviet and Iranian oil to the South African port of Durban, including false flags, doctored cargo papers and mid-sea cargo transshipments. Estimates vary widely as to how much Deuss and Rich earned during the period — according to one source, South Africa paid $22 billion in premiums for its oil supply, mainly to Deuss and Rich, from 1973 to 1984—but the best approximation is that Deuss himself earned between $280 million and $500 million."[2]

First Curaçao International Bank

Full article: First Curaçao International Bank

“An international warrant had been issued for Mr Deuss's arrest after a bank he owns on Curaçao, in the Dutch Antilles, was closed last month during an Anglo-Dutch investigation into carousel fraud. British Customs officials had discovered that every individual arrested and charged with the fraud in the UK in the previous two years had an account at the First Curaçao International Bank (FCIB). Since raiding its headquarters and freezing its assets, investigators have discovered that about 2,500 British citizens suspected of carousel fraud hold accounts there.”
John Deuss (16 October 2006)  [6]

Deuss also paid a settlement of 35 million euros to the Dutch government in 2012 for money laundering after paying an early settlement of about 350.000 euros for fraud.[7]

Internet Fraud

"Deuss, a 71-year-old Dutchman, agreed to pay $47 million to settle a grueling, seven-year battle with European authorities over an alleged Internet fraud scheme. Apropos to a charmed life on the edge, Deuss admitted no guilt in the July 30 deal. “The settlement is the result of pragmatic considerations,” he said in a statement issued by his office."[2] The fraud was ongoing for years.[8]

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