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(writer, journalist, researcher)
ChildrenMila Handrahan
Interests • human trafficking
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Dr. Lori Handrahan is a researcher with a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics. She has twenty years experience in humanitarian and human rights work in Central Asia, Africa and the Balkans.[1] Her book: Epidemic: America's Trade in Child Rape (published by TrineDay) focuses on the extent the trade in child rape (aka child porn) has become a problem in government agencies and the United States as a whole.


Commenting about her family situation

Michael Waxman has waged an illegal financial war against me for nearly a decade now because I refused to voluntarily give up custody of my daughter to Michael Waxman’s client, and he claims his very close friend, Igor Malenko; my daughter’s father. While Michael Waxman has bragged, every winter, to all of my various lawyers, that he will be at his family’s five star resort in Jamaica, The Tryall Club http://www.tryallclub.com he has systematically, day in and day out worked to destroy me financially.

Michael Waxman has felony stalked me at American University, vowing to do so until the university fired me. When they did, he took credit on-line. He has waged an expensive and massive online smear campaign against me which has kept me unemployed for two years now. Although the Department of Justice admitted this was felony stalking, surprise, surprise, the Department of Justice declined to prosecute Michael Waxman. One wonders why.

So I am now penniless and on the edge of becoming homeless. Michael Waxman, this mega wealthy billionaire from Boston, Massachusetts has destroyed everything I worked so hard to build in my life; that is a life that was dedicated to refugees, human rights, teaching, and, above all, my daughter. Currently, Micheal Waxman has teamed up with another Falmouth, Maine lawyer, Michael Hahn, of Eaton Peabody, to illegally take my last remaining asset; my home in Sorrento, Maine.

And yet… he is, as he said, untouchable.

Just like another Maine lawyer, Anthony Sineni, said in this recent case in Judge Moskowitz’s court. Above the law and allowed, by everyone in Maine, to target anyone he chooses and destroy every aspect of their lives.

Mila, My Daughter

The financial destruction done to me; however, pales in comparison to the destruction Michael Waxman has done to my daughter Mila. Everyone asks me, why is Michael Waxman so obsessed with destroying you? Because Michael Waxman became obsessed with my two year old daughter Mila. There is no doubt, in my mind, that Waxman, along with Igor Malenko, has been sexually abusing my daughter since she was two years old. She turned eight years old in November. I haven’t seen her, not even a photo, or heard her voice for the past four years. She has been under Michael Waxman’s total control.

Oversight and Accountability

The recent media attention on Judge Moskowitz, brought by Scott Dolan of the Portland Press Herald is helpful but it is meaningless, without legal oversight and accountability for what Judge Moskowitz and lawyers like Michael Waxman are doing to people. Isn’t it high time for a federal investigation into Michael Waxman and Judge Moskowitz? Hasn’t everyone in Maine allowed these two to become big enough monsters? Shouldn’t Michael Waxman and Judge Moskowitz be held accountable under the law just like the rest of us? My answer is, and has been, yes.

What about yours?”
Lori Handrahan (Jan 8, 2015)  [2]