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(writer, journalist, researcher)
Interests • Human trafficking
• VIPaedophile
• Paedophile
• Child porn
• United Nations
Researcher with twenty years experience in humanitarian and human rights work in Central Asia, Africa and the Balkans.[1][2]

Dr. Lori Handrahan is an American academic and researcher with a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics. She has written extensively on issues related to child exploitation/abuse and has worked as a professor at American University, where she taught courses on human trafficking, gender-based violence, and child protection.

In addition to her academic work, Handrahan has been a vocal advocate for the rights of children who have been victims of exploitation and abuse. She has written numerous articles and given interviews on the subject,[3][4][5][6] and has been a strong proponent of using technology to combat child pornography and other forms of online child exploitation.


Her book: Epidemic: America's Trade in Child Rape, published by TrineDay,[7] focuses on the extent the trade in child rape (aka child porn) has become a problem in government agencies and the United States as a whole.

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