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89 per cent oppose mandatory COVID vacination GMB.png
An opinion poll from December 2021 which suddenly disappeared without explanation, following a program about mandating jabs for COVID-19.
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A useful survey method

An opinion poll, often simply referred to as a poll or a survey, is a human research survey of public opinion from a particular sample.

Use in deep politics

The business of deep politics often involves psychological operations such as false flags and mendacious claims of plausible deniability. Opinion polls are useful to help plan such complex events, especially long term campaigns such as the strategy of tension.



Fake polls

When used sparingly, fake poll results may be used to try to give a false perception of public opinion. This is risky, since any evidence of poll fakery is liable to cause blowback.

Power tool

The Right Questions

Election day polls

Unintentionally revealing fraud


Related Quotation

Bernd HammOpinion polls are now part of the everyday tools of politicians. Just as TV research at the market research institute GfK now maps the preferences of the TV audience to the second and thus influences the supposedly advertising-free editorial program, opinion polls help politicians to align their statements as closely as possible to the taste of the majority. This is what the election manifestos of the "people's parties" look like - the same formulas everywhere, the same contradictions everywhere, the same claim to represent the center. The real political mission of the Enlightenment was precisely the opposite: to protect the weak from exploitation by the strong. That doesn't happen in the media anymore.”Bernd Hamm