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(spook?, businessman)
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SpouseLaura Jordan Dietrich
Founder ofFund for a Conservative Majority, Institute for International Health & Development
Member ofJeffrey Epstein/Black book, Le Cercle
Spook, Cercle visitor

Paul Dietrich is a US businessman and spook.


Paul Dietrich married Laura Jordan Dietrich. He attended Le Cercle with her.

In November 2006 a series of emails was published on the internet, written by a person who claimed to be have been the driver of Paul Dietrich:

"It was while we were sitting in the parlor at Huntland during our initial meeting talking about his wife that he let slip that she was involved in something that he called "spy school". He informed me that she is a crack shot with an AK-47 and that she often brags about "killing" spies before coming home and preparing dinner... He started telling me about his wife's involvement with the CIA. Paul told me that Laura had been involved in a "fast track" program with the CIA at Georgetown to recruit women in high position roles in the federal government. This was at the beginning of the Reagan era and was facilitated by Jeane Kirkpatrick. Condoleezza Rice had also been a part of this program. He told me that the position Laura had held at State, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs was a front for the CIA at the State Department... Paul told me that she was one of "Bolton's girls," the gaggle of very attractive female assistants that John Bolton had trailing behind him when he entered Senate hearing chambers on Capitol Hill, etc... Paul told me that his wife was on an intelligence board and had been hand-picked by Donald Rumsfeld. James Woolsey is also on this Defense Department (?) intelligence board. Paul didn't elaborate any further on this. However I suspected the board was involved with DIA or at least met at Bolling Air Force Base as Laura had DoD stickers on her car that allowed her to enter that base. Paul told me that the counter-terrorism work Laura did involved a team that would go and gather every detail of a terrorist incident world-wide... [Laura] worked for the CIA and was currently employed training recruits. ... I personally saw Laura Dietrich's tax information and pay stubs, the private military contractors she worked for are: MPRI, Armorgroup, Tessada & Associates, Hamilton Trading Group, Inc."



Event Participated in

Colloquium on Intelligence and Policy9 November 198410 November 1984A spooky conference in November 1984


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