Condoleezza Rice

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Person.png Condoleezza Rice  Rdf-icon.png
(politician, deep politician)
Born November 14, 1954
Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.
Alma mater University of Denver, University of Notre Dame
Religion Presbyterianism
Member of Phi Beta Kappa
Party Democratic,  Republican

Flag of the United States Secretary of State.svg United States Secretary of State Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
January 26, 2005 - January 20, 2009
Deputy John Negroponte, Robert Zoellick
Preceded by Colin Powell
Succeeded by Hillary ClintonWilliam Burns

US-WhiteHouse-Logo.svg United States National Security Advisor Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
January 20, 2001 - January 26, 2005
Deputy Jack Dyer Crouch, Stephen Hadley
Preceded by Sandy Berger
Succeeded by Stephen Hadley

US political insider, US National Security Advisor for the 9-11 event.

Body language

One Reddit commentator observed in 2015 that "Condi Rice is the most unconvincing liar of them all, her clues are completely transparent. When she lies her voice goes up an octave. Compare her before and after 9/11 videos and you can't miss it. When she says "no one could have imagined airplanes flying into buildings" it is so obvious that she's lying it should be laughable."[1]


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/20085 June 2008 - 8 June 2008Chantilly

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