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Concept.png Plutocracy 
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Plutocracy is rule by the rich.

“The United States is not a democracy, it is a plutocracy. The people don’t rule in the United States. Wealth rules, the corporations rule. They rule the Congress, they elect the president, they run the Pentagon. They own the media, which are the voices of the plutocracy.”
Ramsey Clark [1]


The United States was "designed as a Plutocracy – but even the limited forms of representation allotted to people by the “Founding Fathers” are impossible when you have a massive and largely unaccountable shadow government."[2]

Robin Upton explains the role of the Bank of England in the history of plutocracy between 8:36 and 12:31 minutes into this video.


The roots of plutocracy go back as far as agriculture, and the increase in social group size leading to the invention of money.[3]

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