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This is intended to mean "was blamed on", as opposed to "actually carried out" (for Property:Has cause). In fact, it's not simple to pin things down that neatly. Looking at the items in the main page listed in Category:False Flag, documents aside, we have:

Unknown Perpetrators

I've tentatively pointed these to the as yet non-exist "/Perpetrators" sub pages. That maybe quite a good page construct to have, I can imagine lively discussion in the talk: pageweighing up evidence for and against. That kind of suggests perhaps a "has perpetrator" property. But I'll let the dust settle a bit before creating that. So many different ways to structure things...

Perpetrators Identical to Property:Has cause

Identified Perpetrators

ON as 'Original Narrative'=

For admitted False Flags, more or less by definition, then the Official Narrative has changed so that ON_cause==cause. It just occurred to me FWIW that "original narrative" may be a good interpretation in this case.


From these examples, ON_has_cause is not very clear in my mind yet. Maybe adding more will help it evolve into something less ambiguous. I'm happy to let stuff evolve for now without a master plan of what to fit where... Robin (talk) 08:46, 30 December 2013 (GMT)