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Not to be confused with the Royal Air Force, which is also abridged RAF.

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The Red Army Faction (RAF), also called Red Army Fraction, byname Baader-Meinhof Gang (German: Rote Armee Fraktion and Baader-Meinhof Gruppe), was a West German radical leftist group formed in 1968 and popularly named after two of its early leaders, Andreas Baader (1943–77) and Ulrike Meinhof (1934–76).[1]


It is said there are three generations of the RAF,[2] while the third has the most professionality and therefore likely has received training by some state actor (MfS), or, is in part a cover and killings like that of Alfred Herrhausen were done by foreign intelligence.

  1. 1970 to 1972: Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin und Ulrike Meinhof
  2. 1975 to 1982: Brigitte Mohnhaupt, Stefan Wisniewski, Peter-Jürgen Boock und Christian Klar
  3. 1983 to ????: Ernst-Volker Staub, Burkhard Garweg, Daniela Klette


Victims include (incomplete list)



Researchers, namely Regine Igel, Gerhard_Wisnewski, Wolfgang Kraushaar and Michael Buback[citation needed] uncovered ties to the Germany/Deep state: Verena Becker, Horst Mahler and Peter Urbach (among others) were agents provocateurs of German secret services, both East (Stasi) and West (BND). [3]


The MfS regulation stipulated that any internationally wanted terrorist could find shelter in the DDR if SED officials believed that "social progress" justified the criminal activities or if it was in the "interest of other socialist states". The procedure was executed by a special unit of the highest level of secrecy within the MfS.[4]

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