Robert de Foy

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Person.png Robert de Foy  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(spook, judge)
Born23 March 1893
Died15 August 1960 (Age 67)
Brussels, Belgium

Employment.png Belgian State Security Service/Administrator

In office
1930 - 1940
His power was officially withdrawn after he continued to work with the Nazi occupiers.

Robert de Foy was a Belgian magistrate, and head of the Belgian State Security Service until the German invasion in WW2. While he continued in his job under as the country was under occupation by Nazi Germany, the Belgian government in exile (in London appointed Fernand Lepage in his place. However, in 1947, he was reappointed as Belgian State Security Service/Administrator where he assisted with organising "stay behind" network which was later to become known as Operation Gladio.

World War II


Upon the return in July 1940 of the deported Flemish Nationalists, de Foy and civil servants branded as responsible were arrested. He was transported to Germany, initially held in a hotel in Münster and then transferred to Berlin. Questioned and held for a few weeks, he was released and returned to Belgium. Police Chief Reinhard Heydrich communicated directly to General Eggert Reeder that de Foy was to remain untouched and resume his activities.[1][2]

Other activities

De Foy was vice president of the Carnegie Hero Fund.