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Place.png Brussels
500px-00 Bruxelles - Mont des Arts.jpg
Belgian capital

Brussels 5G postponement

A pilot 5G deployment in Brussels was suspended in April 2019 due to health concerns.[1]



2016 Brussels BombingA terrorist attack in Brussels involving 3 explosions which reportedly killed more than 30 people and injured hundreds more. Responsibility for the attack was immediately attributed to ISIS by the commercially-controlled media, clearly assuming the people are still buying this "Muslim suicide bomber" Official Narrative
2018 Brussels DisinfoLabA 2018 conference set up jointly by the EU Disinfolab and the Atlantic Council
Bilderberg/2000The 48th Bilderberg, 94 guests
Gerald Bull/AssassinationThe killing of Gerald Bull as he returned home from his nearby office whilst unlocking the door to his Brussels, Belgium appartment.


Groups Headquartered Here

Allied Clandestine Committee1 January 1957Together with the Clandestine Planning Committee, the ACC coordinates the Operation Gladio 'stay behind' groups.
BelgiumFormer European colonial power
Clandestine Planning Committee1951Together with the Allied Clandestine Committee, coordinates the Operation Gladio 'stay behind' groups.
Coudenberg group6 June 198411 February 1999Belgian federalist think tank,to defend the federal state against the demands of Flemish nationalists
EU Disinfolab2017II aligned group focused on "Russian Propaganda"
Economic Hogeschool Sint-Aloysius19252013Catholic Flemish/Belgian university of applied sciences from 1925 to 2013
Egmont Institute1947
Euro 50 GroupMedia-shy group of economic decision-makers and experts.
European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation7 October 2008NGO dedicated to "stamping out intolerance," which seems to be identified with criticism of Israel. Tony Blair is chairman...
European Foundation for DemocracyNovember 2005
European Movement InternationalJuly 1947Lobbying association that promotes European integration. In its first few decades it received massive funding and attention from the CIA, and the personnel is intimately tied to the Bilderberg group.
Free University of Brussels1834Collaborated with Institute for Statecraft to set up the Integrity Initiative.
Friends of Europe1999lobby group
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions7 December 194931 October 2006
International Crisis Group1995Soros-funded, Bilderberger-staffed group that is "working to prevent conflict worldwide."
National Bank of Belgium5 May 1850
North Atlantic Council1949Formally the most important decision-making body of NATO.
The Institute for European Studies


Jobs here

Tom Hardie-ForsythChairmanMarch 2001February 2005Reviewing and overseeing critical infrastructure policy and exercises.
Sijbren de JongStrategic Analyst Russia and UkraineNovember 2018
Ed KronenburgDirector of the Private Office of the Secretary General of NATOJanuary 20042007
Ed KronenburgJanuary 1993September 1999Deputy Head of the Cabinet of Mr. Van den Broek, Member of the European Commission
Ed KronenburgCounsellor Permanent Representation of the Netherlands to the European UnionApril 1988December 1992
Ed KronenburgDeputy Special Co-ordinatorSeptember 1999
Andre de StaerckeBelgium/Permanent Representative to NATO19521976Bilderberg/1969