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SRI International (SRI) is an American scientific research institute with very close ties to the military-industrial complex. Founded by Stanford University in 1946 and called by some "the brains behind most of the tech innovations of the last 50 years"[1], its research areas include biomedical sciences, chemistry and materials, nanotechnology, quantum computing,artificial intelligence, robotics, Earth and space systems, economic theories, education and learning, energy and environmental technology, surveillance, security and national defense, as well as sensing and devices[2].


SRI was founded as the Stanford Research Institute. In the 1950's, Stanford hosted an elite group of American Scientists known as the JASON group. The issue put toward the scientists was how to avoid catastrophic thermonuclear war. This lead to an intense study of Game Theory.

In the 1960's, student protests in reaction to the Vietnam War at Stanford lead the Regents to spin off the Institute as SRI International.

Human Augmentation and Artificial Intelligence

In 1968, SRI International hosted the "Mother of All Demos" out of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory featuring the predecessor of what is now known as "Human Augmentation," a step in the direction of Transhumanism.

The world's first virtual personal assistant came out of decades of artificial intelligence research SRI did for the military research agency DARPA. The lab spun it off as its own company in 2007, which Apple bought in 2010.[3]

The Risks forum

Since the 1980's, SRI has maintained a public RISKS form on "Risks to the Public in the Use of Computers and Related Systems."[citation needed]


In 1968, SRI spun off its vote tabulation work for IBM to C Stephen Carr. Reportedly, SRI's team was on-site in 2000 in Florida "examining" Vote tabulating computers[citation needed].

The Men Who Stare At Goats

In the 1970's, Hal Putoff reportedly conducted a number of experiments in Psychic Phenomena at SRI.[citation needed]

SWIFT and Sanctions

In the 1970's, SRI developed the network messaging system used for international batch settlements (aka wire transfers) known as SWIFT. Until the release of Blockchain, SWIFT lead to a western monopoly of international reserve settlements. No other nation has been able to duplicate the SWIFT messaging system or to establish an alternative. This gives the United States exceptional leverage in Sanctions Regimes and in its projection of soft power though monetary schemes.

Vals and Lifestyles

Vals and Lifestyles was a pioneering survey in the early 1980's that evolved from Thomas Burdicks' "The 800." This classified consumers and voter groups based upon a series of psychometric questions about their Values and their Lifestyles. From this, archetypes or personas were developed - such as "Soccer Moms" or "Inner Directeds."[citation needed]


While the modern internet traces its roots back to the ARPANET that was built by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), it has a direct connection to SRI: The lab was one of the four original network nodes, and the first transmission on this pre-internet was someone logging on from UCLA to SRI in 1969.


Christopher Bollyn has noted that prior to the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, SRI International was awarded several Dept. of Defense Contracts. SRI International Executive Director is a member of the elite Mandalay Camp at the Bohemian Club[citation needed].

SRI created the computer simulation of the collapse of WTC7 for NIST[citation needed].

Research into Psychotropics and Macaques

SRI reportedly killed 40 and 41 primates in 2016 and 2017, respectively, by overdosing them with Ketamine and LSD, according to data from the National Primate Research Facility in Davis, California[citation needed].