Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

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Person.png Mohammad Reza Pahlavi  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(royalty, puppet ruler)
Shah fullsize.jpg
Born6 October 1919
Tehran, Persia
Died27 July 1980 (Age 60)
Cairo, Egypt
Alma materLe Rosey
ReligionShia Islam
SpouseFawzia of Egypt
Member ofThe 1001 Club

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, sometimes referred to simply as "the Shah" was ruler of Iran.


He was the beneficiary of the 1953 MI6/CIA Iran coup d'etat. In the following decades, he was a loyal CIA client. Domestically, the country was controlled by the intelligence service SAVAK, which became known for its particularity gruesome torture.[citation needed] Internationally, Iran under his rule was also involved in a large number of deep state activities.

I am not bloodthirsty. I am working for my country and the coming generations. I can't waste my time on a few young idiots. I don't believe the tortures attributed to the SAVAK are as common as people say, but I can't run everything. Besides, we have ways of using psychological pressure that are much more effective than torture... My people have every kind of freedom, except the freedom to betray.[1]


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  1. As quoted in Gérard de Villiers (1975), The Imperial Shah: An Informal Biography, page 259

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