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John Russell (UK PM)18 August 179228 May 1878UK PM
Michael Russell9 August 1953UK
Gerhard Schröder (CDU)11 September 191031 December 1989GermanPoliticianWest Germany Foreign Minister in the 1960s
David Steel31 March 1938Leader of UK Liberal party, merged with the Social Democratic Party
Gavin Strang10 July 1943Politician
Henry John Temple20 October 178418 October 1865PoliticianA British politician who served twice as Prime Minister in the mid-19th century.
Sue WebberPolitician
Adam Werritty18 July 1978Spook
Scottish businessman and close friend of the former Secretary of State for Defence Liam Fox - and also close to Mossad.
James Wolffe20 December 1962Lawyer
John Woodcock14 October 1978Politician