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DateNovember 5, 2024
SubpageUS/2024 Presidential election/Candidate
Description60th quadrennial presidential election.

The 2024 United States presidential election is the 60th quadrennial presidential election and the first presidential election after electoral votes are redistributed according to the post-2020 census reapportionment.[1]

Supreme Court Ballot Access

Biden in 2021 vs. 2024: How Signs of Aging Have Upended Presidential Race

A March 2024 US Supreme Court decision overturned attempts from lower state courts to ban Donald Trump from the ballots in state elections.[2]

Cultural shifts

Some polls for this election indicated that support for the Democratic Party among people identifying as Hispanic, Asian, Arab, and students and young people under 25 appeared to have somewhat eroded, while support for the Republican party in rural areas and pensioners also appeared to be declining.[3][4][5]

Tampering Attempts?

Law enforcement officials in Maricopa County, Arizona, arrested a temporary election worker for allegedly stealing a security fob and keys from a ballot tabulation center in June of 2024.[6]

Assassination attempt

During a rally, Donald Trump was shot and seen bleeding, causing Secret Service agents to rush him away with guns drawn. He was quickly escorted to a vehicle for safety.
Full article: Donald Trump/Assassination attempt

On the 14th of July 2024, US Republican Party candidate Donald Trump was shot during a campaign rally, his shooter was shot dead. The gunmen fired multiple shots resulting in at least 1 other visitor dying.[7] This was the first time that a former or current U.S. president or presidential candidate was injured in an attempted assassination since president Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981.[8] The FBI called the shooting an assassination attempt against the former President and dispatched a "counterterrorism" unit to take over the investigation.[9][10]


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Independents, other third parties, or party unknown

Third-party candidates gained one of the strongest showing in polls since Ross Perot's high poll numbers in the 1990s. Polls were especially high for Robert F. Kennedy Jr (~13% in the spring of 2024), who dropped out of the Democratic Party primaries to run as an independent.[11] [12]


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