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(Deep state actor, Puppet leader)
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BornJoseph Robinette Biden Jr.
Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Alma materUniversity of Delaware, Syracuse University
ReligionRoman Catholic
Children • Beau Biden
• Hunter Biden
• Naomi Biden
• Ashley Biden
SpouseNeilia Hunter
Member ofAtlantic Council/Distinguished Leadership Awards, Biden family, Senate Subcommittee on Multinational Corporations, The European House - Ambrosetti
SubpageJoe Biden/Pledges support for Yatsenyuk
US deep state actor accused of sexual assault in 1993. As US Senator aggressively pushed for the patriot act, mass surveillance and death penalty for anyone who was not the CIA. As VP famous for sniffing and grabbing children on camera. Became US President in a quite weakened mental state.

Employment.png President of the United States

In office
20 January 2021 - Present
Preceded byDonald Trump
“I wake up every morning, look at Jill, and say ‘where the hell are we?’”

Employment.png Vice President of the United States

In office
January 20, 2009 - January 20, 2017
BossBarack Obama
Preceded byDick Cheney
Succeeded byMike Pence

Employment.png United States Senator from Delaware

In office
January 3, 1973 - January 15, 2009

Employment.png Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

In office
January 4, 2007 - January 3, 2009

Employment.png Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

In office
June 6, 2001 - January 3, 2003
Preceded byJesse Helms

Employment.png Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

In office
January 3, 2001 - January 20, 2001
Preceded byJesse Helms
Succeeded byJesse Helms

Employment.png Chairman of the International Narcotics Control Caucus

In office
January 4, 2007 - January 3, 2009
Succeeded byDianne Feinstein

Employment.png Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee

In office
January 6, 1987 - January 3, 1995

Employment.png Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

In office
January 3, 2007 - January 3, 2009

Employment.png Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

In office
June 6, 2001 - January 3, 2003
Preceded byJesse Helms

Employment.png Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

In office
January 3, 2001 - January 20, 2001
Preceded byJesse Helms
Succeeded byJesse Helms

Employment.png Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee

In office
January 3, 1987 - January 3, 1995
Preceded byStrom Thurmond
Succeeded byOrrin Hatch

See also Presidency of Joe Biden for the actions of his administration.

Joe Biden is a deep state actor and the 46th President of the United States after his inauguration on 20 January 2021. He formerly was the 47th Vice President of the United States from 2009 to 2017.

His apparent “cognitive decline” during the US 2020 Election was overwhelmingly ignored by the corporate media, but when it became more apparent, it caused a majority of Americans, according to a Politico and CNN poll, to say Biden was not mentally fit for a second term.[1][2][3][4][5][6] The focus that the CCM had, has caused his improper behaviour towards children, the corruption of the Biden family, a rape accusation from 1993, and a diary detailing potential sexual abuse of his daughter to go somewhat under the radar during his presidency.[7][8]

On 25 April 2023, Joe Biden formally announced his campaign for re-election in 2024, asking Americans for four years to “finish this job”, possibly setting up an extraordinary rematch with Donald Trump.[9] Following Biden's faltering performance in a televised election debate with Trump in June 2024,[10] Biden rebuffed calls by senior Democrats and donors for him to step down. According to the New York Times, those pressuring Biden – who also has Covid – to abandon his re-election bid “risk getting his back up and prompting him to remain after all”.[11] Some advisers were said to believe that Biden was holding out at least until the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, visits Washington on Wednesday 24 July 2024.[12]

On 21 July 2024, however, Joe Biden quit the race for the US/2024 Presidential election campaign,[13] and endorsed Kamala Harris, the vice president, as his replacement.[14]

September 11, 2001

Joe Biden interviewed on 9/11, mentions Anthrax

Senator Joe Biden, as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee met with Pakistani General Mahmood Ahmed on the day after September 11, 2001. This is the same General Ahmed who transferred $100K to alleged 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta, as well as instructed Omar Saeed Sheikh.[15]

On September 11, 2001, Joe Biden gave an interview on ABC News, a week before the post-9/11 anthrax attacks took place, he mentioned anthrax. In this same interview, he repeatedly stated that the attacks may have an effect on US civil liberties.


Prison-Industrial Complex

In 1992, Biden bragged a new crime bill he supported which expanded the death penanlty to 60 offenses would "do everything but hang people for jaywalking".[16]

Biden supported the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, known as the "1994 Crime Bill".[17][18] [19]

The 1994 Crime Bill encouraged states to adopt 'three-strikes' rules that mandated life sentences for repeat-offenders as well as 'truth in sentencing' laws that required inmates to serve at least 85 percent of their sentences. It also withdrew federal funding for inmates enrolling in higher education while incarcerated. [20]

Especially due to the "three-strikes" rule, the bill is seen as having contributed to a large increase in mass incarceration, to the great profit of the prison-industrial complex, while keeping the black population politically down in a circle of violence, a continuation of COINTELPRO instigation of gang violence and Cocaine-Contras policies.[21]

War against Yugoslavia

During the wars in Yugoslavia, he campaigned for the arming of Bosnian Muslims and supported the action of Osama bin Laden’s Arab Legion as well as that of Saudi and Iranian troops[22]. With his friend Republican Senator John McCain, he pushed President Bill Clinton to intervene in Kosovo.

Iraq War Support

Joe Biden Was Instrumental in Launching the Iraq War , 21 February 2020, The Real News Network

Biden publicly supported a war against Iraq both before, during, and after the 2002 invasion. During a 1998 Senate hearing with weapons-inspector whistleblower Scott Ritter, a hostile Biden said "that the only way, the only way we’re going to get rid of Saddam Hussein is we’re going to end up having to start it alone — start it alone — and it’s going to require guys like you in uniform to be back on foot in the desert taking this son of a — taking Saddam down...You know it and I know it.”[23] In 2002, he was among the 77 senators who authorised then-president George W. Bush's use of military force in Iraq. Four months after the American attack, he staunchly defended the invasion to a roomful of foreign policy experts at the Brookings Institution in Washington. “Nine months ago, I voted with my colleagues to give the President of the United States of America the authority to use force, and I would vote that way again today,” Biden said on July 31, 2003. “It was a right vote then, and it’d be a correct vote today.”[24][25] Biden co-authored (with Leslie Gelb) a 2006 divide-and-rule plan to segregate Iraq into three ethno-religious statelets — Arab Shias, Arab Sunnis, and Kurds.[26]

Waco massacre cover-up

During the 1995 Waco Hearing in the Senate, Joe Biden defended the government's actions:

“But there's a big difference between mistakes and malevolence. The record of the Waco incident documents mistakes, mistakes in gathering intelligence; mistakes in planning and executing operational plans. And law enforcement should and must be held accountable for such mistakes. What the record from Waco does not evidence, however, is any improper motive or intent on the part of law enforcement. I believe this is a very important point to make to the American public, because there are a growing number of people across the country who are seizing on the incident at Waco, as well as Ruby Ridge, to suggest that law enforcement is our enemy...[...]..David Koresh and the Davidians set fire to themselves and committed suicide.”
Joe Biden (1995)  [27]

Patriot Act

Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed that a Bill he wrote in 1994 was essentially the same as the 2001 Patriot Act.[28][29][30][31] "I drafted a terrorism bill after the Oklahoma City bombing," Biden said, "I introduced the terrorism bill in '94 that had a lot of these things in it."[32]


Biden became Vice-President under Barack Obama in 2009.


During his term as Vice-President, Biden continued his reputation for indecent impromptu remarks. CNN Host Wolf Blitzer called him loquacious for deviating from prepared remarks, with the NYT saying Biden can say everything out of the blue, even if it's racially charged.[33][34] In August of 2012 he remarked Republican proposals to relax Wall Street regulations would "put y'all back in chains" to a group of persons of colour in the audience.[35] In 2008, Biden, at times even seemed to run against Senator Barack Obama with his remarks painting him as coming from a racially unfit group of descendants. During a rally in 2008, he introduced Senator Barack Obama as "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." [36]

“Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be Vice President of the United States of America. Let's get that straight. She's a truly close personal friend. She is qualified to be President of the United States of America. She's easily qualified to be Vice President of the United States of America. Quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me. But she's first rate”
Joe Biden,  TIME (2008)  [37]

Big Pharma at warp speed

In January 2016, President Barack Obama gave Biden charge of "mission control" for America’s new "moonshot to cure cancer". Just one week afterwards, Biden appeared at the Congress Centre in Davos to facilitate a discussion of what the initiative’s priorities should be with leading scientists, doctors and technologists. He put across plainly the need for warp speed. "Our goal is to make a decade worth of advances in five years," he said. "We are not looking for incremental changes; we are looking for quantum leaps."[38]

Predicting deep event

In secret meetings, Biden was noted as more cunning than his "crazy, but loveable[39]" uncle appearance would've suggested, noted by Republican Capitol hill staff members as "the only guy with real negotiating authority" in the Obama clan, perhaps hinting at some kind of deep politics being behind his pick as V.P. In 2008 Biden told donors at a private fundraiser;

“It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We're about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don't remember anything else I said. Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy. I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate," Biden said to Emerald City supporters, mentioning the Middle East and Russia as possibilities. And he's gonna need help. And the kind of help he's gonna need is, he's gonna need you - not financially to help him - we're gonna need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him. Because it's not gonna be apparent initially, it's not gonna be apparent that we're right.”
Joe Biden,  TIME (2008)  [40]


“Our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria. The Turks were great friends, and I have a great relationship with Erdogan, [who] I just spent a lot of time with, [and] the Saudis, the Emirates, etcetera.

What were they doing? They were so determined to take down Assad, and essentially have a proxy Sunni-Shia war, what did they do? They poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad – except that the people who were being supplied, [they] were al-Nusra, and al-Qaeda, and the extremist elements of jihadis who were coming from other parts of the world. Now, you think I'm exaggerating? Take a look. Where did all of this go? So now that's happening, all of a sudden, everybody is awakened because this outfit called ISIL, which was al-Qaeda in Iraq, when they were essentially thrown out of Iraq, found open space and territory in [eastern] Syria, [and they] work with al-Nusra, who we declared a terrorist group early on. And we could not convince our colleagues to stop supplying them.

So what happened? Now, all of a sudden – I don't want to be too facetious – but they have seen the lord. Now we have ... been able to put together a coalition of our Sunni neighbors, because America can't once again go into a Muslim nation and be the aggressor. It has to be led by Sunnis. To go and attack a Sunni organization. And so what do we have for the first time? President Erdoğan told me, he is an old friend, said you were right, we let too many people through, now we are trying to seal the border.”
Joe Biden,  Washington Post (2014)  [41]

In 2016, Biden was quoted as allowing Turkey to start a war against Kurdistan in Northern Iraq, agreeing on Turkey's notion that Kurdistan was just as bad as ISIL. This contributed to a new phase in the Kurdish-Turkish conflict which escalated in 2015, and caused Turkish president Erdogan to use this policy of the Obama administration as deep lobbying during the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine.[42]


In 2011, Biden described the assault on Libya as a model for future conflicts:

NATO got it right. In this case, America spent $2 billion and didn't lose a single life. This is more the prescription for how to deal with the world as we go forward than it has been in the past.[43]

Friend of Hollywood

Biden is also a big supporter of the Hollywood-led ever expanding copyright racket. Kim Dotcom, founder of New Zealand based MEGA site, said “I do know from a credible source that it was Joe Biden, the best friend of former Senator and MPAA boss Chris Dodd, who ordered his former lawyer and now state attorney Neil MacBride to take Megaupload down"[44], after a meeting with Hollywood tycoons. The Motion Picture Association also spent money lobbying the office of Vice President Joe Biden.[45]

COVID-19 Policies

Biden's uncertain health status gave rise to several internet memes, including this comparison to 1980s comedy "Weekend at Bernie's"[46]

As part of his campaign promises, Biden said that as president he would require wearing face coverings in public mandatory in the US[47] .Michael Osterholm, a member of Biden's 12 person Covid advisor team, wants a U.S. lockdown of 4 to 6 weeks[48], a position denied by a Biden official as "not in line with the president-elect’s thinking.”[49] Biden remarked a citizen could not get COVID-19 if they got vaccinated, a statement repeated by Anthony Fauci, later proven to not have been true at the time of the statement.[50]

In 2020, Biden was noted to be on the same page as Trump regarding a nationwide lockdown. Upon being asked on ABC if Biden was “at all concerned, as Trump said, that we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself?”, Biden seemingly agreed with Trump and said the COVID-19 cure “will make the problem worse, no matter what.”[51]

Documents theft

A newly released special counsel report found that U.S. President Joe Biden 'willfully retained and disclosed' classified material after leaving the vice presidency, but that criminal charges were not warranted. Andrew Chang breaks down the report, and its repeated references to Biden's 'significantly limited' memory - CBC, 2024.

Similar to Donald Trump, Between November 2022 and January 2023, approximately 25 to 30 classified government documents were discovered by President Joe Biden's attorneys in his former office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., and in his personal residence in Wilmington, Delaware. The files included Intelligence material and briefing memos on Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom.[52] The Penn Biden Center soon came under scrutiny as Chinese people had donated over $50m dollar anonymously. Attorney General Merrick Garland assigned U.S. Attorney John R. Lausch Jr. to conduct an initial investigation following the raid. The documents appeared to be from at least as early as 2013. [53][54]

In 2024, in a very remarkeable decision, special attorney Special Counsel Robert Hur opted against prosecuting Biden because he was unable to remember important events in his life and would present himself as a grandpa or "old man" with signs of "severe cognitieve lapses" in court, basically painting a current president as possibly suffering from a mental illness.[55]

2020 Presidential Election

Full article: US/2020 Presidential election

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.”
Barack Obama,  Politico (2020)  [56]

After winning the 2020 Presidential Election which was heavily influenced by the COVID-19 Deep Event, Biden was inaugurated as president. John Cardillo dismissed his physical and mental abilities and predicted that "Biden’s VP Pick Will Be President. Biden Is Just A Placeholder."[57]

Rape allegations

Breaking Down Tara Reade’s Sexual Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden - The View

During his campaign in the 2020 Election allegations of rape of Tara Reade in 1993 surfaced: Biden denied them.[58][59][60]

"Nothing would fundamentally change"

In a 2019 fundraiser with rich donors, he promised "no one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change." if he is elected. Talking to the New York (including Wall Street) crowd, he said “I mean, we may not want to demonize anybody who has made money". Biden went on to say that the rich should not be blamed for income inequality, pleading to the donors, “I need you very badly.”[61]

In late November 2020, without the public announcements that accompanied the president-elect’s cabinet picks, Team Biden added to its agency review groups several picks from big corporations, including Monica Maher, vice president for cyber threat intelligence at Goldman Sachs; Eric Goldstein, an 18-year Goldman Sachs veteran; and Josh Zoffer, a former engagement manager at McKinsey who now works at private equity firm Cove Hill Partners. Biden’s transition also “quietly added four Facebook and Google employees to its agency review teams".[62]

In a January 2020 interview, Biden claimed there is already a "significant representation of progressives in our administration"[63] The progressive wing in the party responded with incredulous indignation to the claim, like Bernie Sanders, who said that given the significant role the progressive movement played in Biden’s victory, “the progressive movement deserves a number of seats—important seats—in the Biden administration - Have I seen that at this point? I have not”.[64]

The return to normal also means a return of the Council on Foreign Relations This is the case for Anthony Blinken (State), Lloyd Austin (Defense), Alejandro Mayorkas (Homeland Security), William J. Burns (CIA Director), Janet Yellen (Treasury), Linda Thomas-Greenfield (Ambassador to the UN), Gina Raimondo (Commerce), Cecilia Rouse (Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors), John Kerry (Special Envoy for Climate), and even Tom Vilsack (Agriculture).[65]

Presidency of Joe Biden

CNN counts more than 50 executive orders, actions and memorandums by mid February 2021.[66]

In a 22-minute address after he was sworn in 11 minutes early by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, President Biden drew a sharp contrast between his presidency and the preceding four years, saying:

"My whole soul is in this. I'll keep everything I do in your service, thinking not of power but of possibilities, not of personal injuries but the public good."

He did not mention Donald Trump by name but wove a thread of contrast through his speech. He denounced "lies told for power and for profit," said "there are truth and there are lies," acknowledged the bitter divisions in the country as an "uncivil war," and referred to the MAGA mob which rioted in the place he spoke just two weeks ago, saying: "Democracy prevailed."[67]

For the decisions of the Biden administration, see the Presidency of Joe Biden.

Family Corruption

Full articles: Hunter Biden, Biden–Ukraine corruption scandal

Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, and other family members are conduits for large amounts of slush money, of which Joe apparently takes half. In a leaked text message, Hunter wrote his daughter Naomi: “But I don’t receive any respect and that’s fine I guess.[..] It’s really hard, but don’t worry, unlike Pop (Joe Biden) I won’t make you give me half your salary.”[68]

His brother James joined a company called Hillstone International in 2010. At that point, Joe had been Vice President for two years. And as luck would have it, in 2011 Hillstone won the bid for a $1.5 billion project in Iraq. The company was supposed to build 100,000 apartments there. The project failed as practically nothing was built and the money disappeared.[69].

User clips of Biden on C-Span

A C-Span compilation of Joe Biden touching children, with the children seemingly feeling not comfortable.

C-Span allows for users to create shorter clips of uploaded videos.[70][71][72] It appears that many videos that show Biden inappropriately touching children are getting deleted soon after creation in the 2020 election year.[73] The issue in general has also been part of mainstream news reporting since mid 2019,[74] after it was reported about in alternative media for years.[75] It came up again in September 2020 when Twitter flagged the footage as; "child sexual exploitation", despite originating from and being hosted at C-Span.[76]

“Some will think “Oh, they are protecting Biden — they don’t want the public to see how he acts.”

Who knows? I just know that what he is doing is wrong and signifies a crude, animalistic expression of male dominance. He is seeing how far he can go without being stopped. How far can he dominate these Senators? Watching the whole 12 minutes of these swearing-in ceremonies where you can see Biden “doing his thing” and the reactions of family members was difficult, but very instructive.

By the end I thought, “These people won’t even lift a finger to stop him from touching their own innocent children. Why in the hell would anyone think they’d lift a finger to do a thing to help a stranger? Or strangers?”
Amy Sterling Casil (9 October 2020)  [77]

Health Issues

Biden is known to have a stutter.[78] Biden survived two brain aneurysms in the late 1980s. The condition was later complicated by subsequent deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. After the second aneurysm was surgically repaired in May 1988, Biden's recuperation kept him away from the Senate for seven months.[79] In 2021, Biden still called himself a senator speaking at a rally in Delaware.[80]

In June 2022 a card was captured that gave him instructions on the most simple things, like which room to enter and to greet the people inside, to take the seat, who to speak to, etc. [81][82][83][84]
Biden was recognized to be using cue cards from the first moments of his presidency on.[85]

During a live TV debate during the 2020 campaign, Biden's left eye began to go dark red in colour and fill with blood. It is thought the cause of Biden's scare was a broken blood vessel in the eye, which can be caused by high blood pressure or straining.[86] Dr. Kevin O’Connor of the George Washington University released a medical summary,[87][88] at Biden's the request, in which he described Biden as a “healthy, vigorous, 77-year-old" - Biden being the oldest candidate ever.

“Poor kids are just as bright as white kids!”
Joe Biden (9 August 2019)  [89]

Cognitive decline

“I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun. The kids used to come up and reach in the pool & rub my leg down so it was straight & watch the hair come back up again. So I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap, and I've loved kids jumping on my lap.”
Joe Biden (September 2017)  [90]

During the campaign, critics frequently pointed out Biden showing signs of cognitive decline, including an inability to hold on to his own train of thought, forgetting where he is and who he’s with, grossly incorrect use of language, and inappropriate behaviour[91]. Democrats scramble to defend this as "a stutter", while Trump nicknamed him 'Sleepy Joe'.

In 2022, former presidential physician Ronny Jackson subglacially urged Biden to immediately undergo a cognitive screening exam for suspicion of dementia drawing support of columnist Rita Panahi of Sky News.[92][93] Partly because of his gaffes, by July 25, 2022, Biden was "historically unpopular" according to the analytics at FiveTirthyEight, with an average disapproval rating of 57 percent and an average approval rating of only 38%, giving him a net approval rating of -19 percentage points—the worst at this point in a first term since Harry Truman 76 years before.[94]

The problem appears to be worsening over time.[95][96][97][98][99][100] In the White House his microphone is cut after speeches when questions from reporters come up; whether directly, or when his answers go astray.[101] After reporting by the New York Post on the matter, which listed a few of these instances,[102][103] "fact-checkers" were brought in to debunk part of the claims along with a number of articles from other commercially-controlled media outlets. Some senators started to question who the person is that is in the position to cut the microphone of the president.[104][105][106][107][108]

Joe Biden-card1.jpg

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal from October 2022, Mohammed bin Salman, in private, has made fun of Joe Biden's gaffes and has questioned his mental acuity.[109][110]

“Biden gives zero indications he has the ability to guide our country through this right now, that's a Full Stop moment. Listen in case anyone doubts me remember when his cue cards got caught on camera? That gave the exact instructions where to go and where to sit. Let me just say before I go on, that's not unusual, I'm not knocking him. I work these details as a secret service agent, they tell the president exactly what to do. This cue card thing is the problem, they tell him what to do and he still doesn't know what to do. That's the problem. His incompetence inspires no confidence at all the world can see this. I'm not sure America can withstand two more years of this leadership or whatever you want to call what he's doing right now.”
Dan Bongino (01 October 2022)  [111]


Quotes by Joe Biden

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine“Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he'll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people”2 March 2022Yahoo!
Second Amendment“I love these guys who say the Second Amendment is—you know, the tree of liberty is water with the blood of patriots. Well, if [you] want to do that, you want to work against the government, you need an F-16. You need something else than just an AR-15.”20 June 2023


Joe Biden victims on Wikispooks

Marion GruberOutgoing high level civil servant at the FDA
Phil KrauseOutgoing high level civil servant at the FDA


Appointments by Joe Biden

Wally AdeyemoUS/Deputy Secretary of the Treasury26 March 2021Attended Bilderberg 2022
Elizabeth Frawley BagleyUS/Ambassador/Brazil3 February 2023
Kristen ClarkeUS/Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division25 May 2021
Brian DeeseDirector of the National Economic Council20 January 202121 February 2023
Naz DurakoğluUS/Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs20 January 2021Acting
Jen EasterlyDirector of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency13 July 2021
Rahm EmanuelUS/Ambassador/Japan25 March 2022
Jeffrey FeltmanUS/Special Envoy/Horn of Africa23 April 2021
Jonathan FinerPrincipal Deputy National Security Advisor20 January 2021Attended Bilderberg/2024
Frank Kendall IIIUnited States Secretary of the Air Force28 July 2021Revolving door to armaments companies
Ketanji Brown JacksonAssociate Justice of the United States Supreme Court30 June 2022
Bonnie JenkinsUS/Under Secretary of State for International Security Affairs22 July 2021
Colin KahlNational Security Advisor to the Vice President1 August 201426 January 2017
John KirbyAssistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs20 January 202127 May 2022
Ron KlainUS/Vice President/Chief of Staff20 January 200914 January 2011
Ron KlainWhite House Chief of Staff20 January 20217 February 2023
Michael KozakSenior Official for Global Criminal Justice20 January 2021
Donald LuUS/Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs15 September 2021
Lisa PetersonUS/Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy Human Rights and Labor20 January 202114 July 2021Acting
Samantha PowerUSAID/Administrator3 May 2021
Jen PsakiWhite House/Press secretary20 January 202113 May 2022
Steve RicchettiUS/Vice President/Chief of Staff1 December 201320 January 2017
Steve RicchettiCounselor to the President20 January 2021
Ken SalazarUS/Ambassador/Mexico14 September 2021
Wendy R. ShermanUS/Deputy Secretary of State14 April 2021
Carlos Del ToroUS/Secretary of the Navy9 August 2021
Jeffrey ZientsWhite House Coronavirus Response Coordinator20 January 2021


Related Quotation

Peter Jennings (ASPI)“The only person who thinks there is no chance of militarily victory in Afghanistan is Joe Biden”Peter Jennings (ASPI)June 2021


Events Participated in

Munich Security Conference/200920092009Germany
The 45th Munich Security Conference
Munich Security Conference/20156 February 20158 February 2015Germany
"400 high-ranking decision-makers in international politics, including some 20 heads of state and government as well as more than 60 foreign and defence ministers, met in Munich to discuss current crises and conflicts."
Munich Security Conference/201812 February 201814 February 2018Germany
The 54th Munich Security Conference
Munich Security Conference/201915 February 201917 February 2019Germany
The 55th Munich Security Conference, which included "A Spreading Plague" aimed at "identifying gaps and making recommendations to improve the global system for responding to deliberate, high consequence biological events."
WEF/Annual Meeting/200421 January 200425 January 2004Switzerland2068 billionaires, CEOs and their politicians and "civil society" leaders met under the slogan Partnering for Prosperity and Security. "We have the people who matter," said World Economic Forum Co-Chief Executive Officer José María Figueres.
WEF/Annual Meeting/200823 January 200827 January 2008SwitzerlandAt the 2008 summit, Klaus Schwab called for a coordinated approach, where different 'stakeholders' collaborate across geographical, industrial, political and cultural boundaries."
WEF/Annual Meeting/201620 January 201623 January 2016World Economic Forum
Attended by over 2500 people, both leaders and followers, who were explained how the Fourth Industrial Revolution would changed everything, including being a "revolution of values".


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Document:Biden Works to Prolong Ukraine Warblog post7 June 2022Craig Murray"Ukraine is objecting to this plan (for Turkey to clear sea lanes of mines and to police the ships carrying grain) because it objects to the removal of the mines, which I should be clear were put down in the sea lanes by Ukraine to prevent amphibious attack on Odessa."
Document:Biden’s pier for Gaza is a hollow gesture that will change almost nothingblog post8 March 2024Jonathan CookPresident Biden needs to look like Gaza’s saviour when Democrats are deciding who they are voting for. He and the Democratic party are betting voters are dumb enough to fall for this charade. Please don’t prove them right.
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Open letter to US President Joe Biden from European deep state minions, pleading for an escalation in Ukraine, and NATO membership. Lo and behold, a week after the letter, Biden approved F-16s, indicating that the letter was astroturf to make a decision already decided seem like done by European demand...
Includes barely hidden threatening of those that blocked NATO accession in 2008, who bear "a grave responsibility" and "will be careful not to hinder it again."
Document:Former MI6 chief behind faked “evidence” for Iraq war leading anti-China Wuhan lab conspiracyArticle10 June 2021Julie HylandPresident Biden's intelligence service order relating to the Wuhan lab leak theory was issued the same day that Prime Minister Boris Johnson's former chief adviser, Dominic Cummings, gave evidence before a parliamentary committee in which he confirmed a government policy to allow tens of thousands to die from Covid-19.
Document:How America Took Out The Nord Stream PipelineArticle8 February 2023Seymour HershUnder Secretary of State Victoria Nuland told Senator Ted Cruz: “Like you, I am, and I think the Administration is, very gratified to know that Nord Stream 2 is now, as you like to say, a hunk of metal at the bottom of the sea” (Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 26 January 2023).
Document:How Spin and Lies Fuel a Bloody War of Attrition in UkraineArticle13 February 2023Medea Benjamin
Nicolas J. S. Davies
President Eisenhower famously said that only an "alert and knowledgeable citizenry" can "guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. An "alert and knowledgeable citizenry" would surely then demand that our government stop fueling this war and instead support immediate peace negotiations.
Document:Internalised Dangerblog post6 November 2020Craig MurrayAmerica urgently needs a radical dose of social and economic reform as championed by Bernie Sanders. It needs the Green New Deal, and the world needs a real commitment in Washington to environmentalism.
Document:On Gaza, Sunak's Tories and Starmer's Labour have merged into a single pro-war partyArticle22 January 2024Peter OborneIf the ICJ rules in South Africa’s favour then Rishi Sunak, as well as US President Joe Biden, will be wide open to the charge that they are aiding and abetting genocide. And so will Labour’s Keir Starmer.
Document:Stench of Corruptionarticle5 August 2014William EngdahlBrief introduction to a story of deep in-your-face corruption involving the US Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky and the shale gas deposits of Eastern Ukraine
Document:The Israel-US game plan for Gaza is staring us in the faceArticle30 April 2024Jonathan Cook"The western media is pretending the West’s efforts to secure a ceasefire in Gaza are serious. But a different script has clearly been written in advance by Israel and the United States. Our job is to do everything in our power to stop them making their plan a reality."
Document:The Time to Negotiate Peace in Ukraine Is NOWArticle24 October 2022Richard E. RubensteinAre things in Ukraine getting worse? Yes, for both sides. This is precisely the right time to give peace a chance.
Document:There is no future for Labour in bureaucratic centrismArticle11 November 2020Ian LaveryWhilst many in the media and party establishments are keen to turn back the clock to the bureaucratic centrism, progressives energised on both sides of the Atlantic, whether by Corbyn or Sanders, will define our future politics.
Document:Twenty Years On, We’ve Learned Nothing From 9/11Speech17 September 2021Ron Paul20 years on from 9/11, Ron Paul says that The Establishment in the United States has learned nothing since the attacks.
Document:US bombs Syria and ridiculously claims self defenceArticle26 February 2021Caitlin JohnstoneThe US can bomb who it likes, whenever it likes, and when it does it is only ever doing so in self-defence, because the entire planet is the property of Washington DC. It can seize control of entire clusters of nations, and if any of those nations resist in any way, they are invading America’s sovereignty.
Document:White House Must Establish Disinformation Defense and Free Expression Task Forceopen letter29 April 2021Electronic Frontier Foundation
Center for American Progress
Poynter Institute
Free Press
Access Now
Public Knowledge
Common Cause
PEN America
Andre Banks
Ashley Bryant
Win Black
Center for Democracy & Technology
Digital Democracy Project
Katy Byron
Simply Secure
Voto Latino
A number of alleged "free-speech organizations" begging to join the US government in implementing censorship in an Orwellian-named "Free Expression Task Force".
Document:Worse Than You Can Imagineblog post26 April 2024Craig MurrayThe political class, across the Western world and the Arab world, is utterly divorced from its people over Gaza. We are seeing worldwide repression, as peaceful conferences are stormed by police in Germany, students are beaten by police on American campuses, and in the UK old white people like me suffer the kind of continual harassment long suffered by young Muslim men.


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