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On 26 December 2019, Susie English wrote on the Labour fights the media Facebook page:

"I can't get a parliamentary petition up and running yet because it is still closed down. So I've started this 38 Degrees one,[1] even though they took down my anti-Blair one. It's a start.

"This sham election was carefully planned to clash with the complete shutdown of all appeal procedure in the Christmas period.....even the turd claiming to be PM is in the Caribbean…. But I'm not waiting. Awareness needs to be raised NOW!

"MANY believe the election was RIGGED and if it wasn't, they shouldn't be afraid to prove it.

"WE DEMAND OUR 'DEMOCRACY' be put under a microscope. PLEASE SIGN & SHARE.

"Don't let them believe for a second you are so consumed with replacing Corbyn, you can't see through them!"[2]

38 Degrees does it again

On 27 December 2019, Susie English wrote on her Facebook page:

"OK let's hope THIS petition site (Care2) cannot be bought.....PLEASE sign & share - we had nearly 9,000 signatures before 38 Degrees closed us down":[3]

We want an independent investigation into the implementation of the UK/2019 General Election
Why is this important?
In the interests of democracy, the people of the UK demand an independent investigation into the way the general election was implemented. Since December 13th, reports have been coming out of:
Voters turned away from polling booths even thought they registered well within the given time.
Suspicion surrounding IDOX, its impartiality and its dealings with postal votes and the count.
Postal votes going missing.
Active campaigning by a supposedly impartial BBC and other mainstream media on behalf of the Conservative Party. (evidence can be seen)
Active demonisation of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party by a supposedly impartial BBC and other mainstream media on behalf of the Conservative Party.
Many are questioning the fact that the majority ‘won’ by the conservatives does not ‘ring true’. Boris Johnson was booed and had tiny turnouts on all the campaigning he did...which wasn’t much, whilst Labour had massive turnouts and rallies. According to statistics, turnout to vote was lower than last election yet just prior to the election there were 3 million+ people rushed to register to vote and massive queues at polling stations. Postal votes are only meant to be opened at the same time as the rest yet a BBC journalist stated that they showed a high proportion of conservative votes well before this date!? People are questioning this election and whether it was ‘rigged’. Many ‘smell a rat’.
To maintain our democracy, the electoral system has to remain transparent, impartial and above reproach. We demand and independent investigation into the UK/2019 General Election to establish if this was the case.
If anyone had personal experience of having difficulty voting please contact the Electoral Commission on this website] to make a complaint as soon as possible...[4]