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Welcome to the Wikispooks Community discussion page.
This is the place for Wikispooks discussions which relate to the site as a whole, rather than just particular pages.
All Wikispooks editors are encouraged to contribute thoughts relevant to developing the software and community behind the Wikispooks project.


Requested features

Someday, maybe...

  • (Old) - "Export to PDF" (like Wikipedia has) could be good. I printed one of these pages once, and it came with a lot of unneeded fluff.
  • 2019 - Property:MaybeConstitutes - Not yet implemeted, to interpret '?' in the constitutes argument
  • 2019 September - VisualEditor - To ease the learning curve or new editors -- User:Sirjamesgray


More standardisation might improve their utility.

  • Integration with SMW. e.g. A fixed set of subpages which could be interpreted by software if found ".../murder", ".../perpetrators" etc.
  • .../Quotes - for quotations relevant to an article, or quotes made by someone (perhaps this is better in a subsection)
  • The need for Template:SubPages is slightly counterintuitive, so perhaps the subpages should appear by default in the infobox?
    • My main concern is that sub-pages should always have an obvious link to them on their parent pages. I was thrown by the David Kelly one for a while this morning. I'm not fussed about exactly how it is achieved, hence my installation of the subPages extension when I was having problems with the issue a while back --Peter P (talk) 11:19, 21 September 2014 (IST) Sep. 2014 - Infoboxes now display a list of subpages.


Template:Video, Template:YouTubeVideo, Template:Image and Template:Document fulfill analagous functions, but have different usage patterns and evolved separately.

  • The semantic objects produced should be standardised for compatibility
  • Some thought about transcripts/translations is in order


The following developments are to be expected:

  1. Timeline pagenames will be standardised. i.e. Parent Event/Timeline
  2. All 'timeline events' should be upgrade to use the normal Template:Event ✓ July 2015 - All timelines were upgraded to integrate with SMW
  3. The earlier image strip has been replaced by a list of text links, which should be replaced in due course with a set of image links
  4. The timeline should automatically read data from the parent event
  5. All the hardcoded categories and forms should be replaced by dynamically generated ones
  6. No separate page for the two different timeline formats - they should be shown on a single page in a tabstrip
  7. A large proportion of the old events need upgrading since they are mostly little more than a label.

Semantic Mediawiki

All pages now have input from SMW. You do not need to know how to program SMW to use it, or to help develop it by suggesting new ways it could be used. Beginners to SMW should note that being precise is very important for it to work properly, so apparently small points from a human perspective can be of great importance from the point of view of SMW. If it's not working as expected, check syntax such as capitalization and singular/plural etc.


Ways to improve how SMW is currently implemented.

  • The "|perpetrators" field for events is too simplistic, since it doesn't distinguish, for example, the 'hired guns' from those who do the hiring.
  • The "|membership" field for groups is too simplistic, since it doesn't allow for dates and grades of membership (e.g. 'chairman')
  • Quotations by one person could appear on the page of whoever made them (or pointers to them) - Implemented in Template:SMWQ
  • ...

Known issues

  • Some titles of page need "," in them ideally, but this conflicts with comma as a list separator. This will probably never be fixed, since "," is so useful as a separator, but please be aware of this and do not use commas in titles.
  • document incorrectly handles uploaded documents:- meaning that it is necessary to add File: after "|local=" to fix the PDF link. This is a small, but hard to diagnose problem for MW editors.
  • Object pages (e.g. Event, Person...) display examples, but only for the first 50. Clicking on the "next" button changes the SMW query, so that the images are displayed as text - and also, the pagename is doubled. e.g. See here
  • The coordinates parameter of Template:Event and Template:Place sets semantic data but does not display on the page. There is probably a useful template on Wikipedia that could be imported to fix this.
  • Some SVG images are not rendering here properly for unknown reasons.[1]
  • Sometimes the templates do not properly create page sections but display as ordinary text beginning with "==".[2]
  • Some pages have problems with displaying references[3]

Manifested by the June 2019 software upgrade:

  • Some items have no text on the coverpage, although they don't have
  • Some job icons not rendering correctly when they link to pages which exist but which have no icon. This may be connected to redirects.[4]
  • Ratings not rendering correctly at the bottom of pages.[4]
  • Some office holders not shown[5] -- Robin (talk) 18:59, 29 August 2019 (UTC)


  • The Export to RDF (e.g. ) prints a space character before the "<", causing it not to display properly in some browsers (such as Firefox) - Removed a stray newline from an earlier fix:-) -- Robin (talk) 01:22, 10 January 2018 (GMT)
  • The edit dialog which comes up after using the top right button to publish and entry states "Publish to {{SITENAME}}". - Fixed by editing the source file. -- Robin (talk) 02:35, 10 January 2018 (GMT)
  • The "Interest of" list has an upper limit on the #entries it will display. This doesn't affect many pages (probably only "Terrorism"), and is due to the #arraymap parser function in Template:ArrayMapBulletedList. - Fixed by adding |limit=200 to Template:Concept -- Robin (talk) 02:16, 10 January 2018 (GMT)
  • The infoboxes are not behaving with some unusual characters.[6] Fixed 2017-11-18 by tweaking the substring extension to use multibyte functions. -- Robin (talk) 16:24, 18 November 2017 (GMT)
  • Some government employment names are common between different countries[7] - Best practice here is to prefix the ambiguous jobs with "CountryName/" to make them unique.
  • Some pages sometimes do not display an infobox, but instead report "Lua error: Internal error: The interpreter has terminated with signal "24"." - this tend to be those people with several jobs, (e.g. Dominik Suter) so it is suspected to be a resource limitation.
  • Icons not displaying correctly on the coverpage
  • Junk text when Display properties are set.
  • Ratings:
    • The "highly rated" tab of coverpage is empty
    • Ratings not rendering correctly at top of infoboxes[4]


The design intended to be fairly staid but functional as befits an encylopaedia.

Space usage

  • Some of the labels in the infoboxes still appear as plural even if the matching data is singular.[Which?]
  • Some of the labels in the infoboxes might benefit from reordering.