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Concept.png Wizards of Money
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A financial series with a bit of a twist

The Wizards of Money is a highly recommended inside view of money mechanics, stock markets, speculation and risk management. The author is an anonymous investment banking consultant for risk management turned activist and has degrees in mathematics and economics.

The audio series plus transcripts, translations and additional resources are archived at:

Own words

Smithy has degrees in mathematics and economics, and she works as a consultant calculating investment risk for financial institutions, For this reason, she has chosen not to reveal her real name. She began to question the validity of the monetary system, and to look into its undemocratic and harmful effects after discovering Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman on her community radio station.
The program is intended to be a course in understanding the monetary system of global capitalism and why it produces certain social conditions.


The 22 part program has been aired at https://www.unwelcomeguests.net/Wizards_of_Money.

  1. How Money is Created
  2. Financial Risk Transfer
  3. Banking on Poverty
  4. Wizards and Warlords
  5. Monetary Terrorism
  6. Democratizing the Monetary System
  7. The Money Cycle vs The Water Cycle
  8. Trading Nature and Cooking the Books
  9. Jack and the Sweatshop
  10. Back to the Twenties Through the Looking Glass - Steagall
  11. House Lever-Edge at the Derivatives Casino
  12. The Imperial Budget and the Mythical Lock-Box
  13. Bankruptcy Bill's Shoot-Out at the Social Safety Net
  14. The Trade Federation and the Intergalactic Banking Clan
  15. Homeland Securitizations and Overseas Vacations
  16. There's a Generic in my Shark Fin Soup
  17. Caught Between a Dock and a Sweatshop
  18. Where Wall Street Crosses Auburn Avenue
  19. The Education Sweepstakes
  20. The Battle of the Dragons - Oil vs Insurance
  21. Playing Russian Roulette in the Carbon Markets
  22. Ecotainment Gossip...Mickey Mouse & Smokey Bear?