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Historians interested in deep politics

Examples include results from Statecraft/Analysis and Deep state/Analyst.



Page nameDescription
Martin ArmstrongEconomic forecaster who was held in jail for 11 years, most of the time for contempt of court, after being relieved of the initial charges.
Document:Power and the Global Ruling ClassIn depth structural survey global power, who exercises it and how it is organised
Daniele GanserSwiss historian who has focused on Operation Gladio
John Taylor GattoProbably the most famous teacher in USA, who became an unschooling activist, having turned up irrefutable proof that the forced schooling system was never intended to benefit children, but quite the reverse.
G. Edward GriffinExposed banking cartels and "The Rothschild formula"
Bernd HammGerman sociologist. His main areas of work included the criticism of capitalism, neoliberalism, globalization and the “deep state".
Daniel HopsickerFilm producer, director and investigative journalist whose primary focus was the illegal drug trade by the US deep state.
Bernard Lietaerproponent of local or complementary currency, which circulate parallel with national currencies.
C. Wright MillsA sociologist who helped expose the US Ruling class
Dirk PohlmannDeep state researcher and film maker
Carroll QuigleyA US historian who used unprecedented access to US deep state archives to write Tragedy and Hope
Peter Dale ScottPeter Dale Scott is the early 21st century Doyen of Deep Political Theory.
The Future of MoneyA basic explanation of how different types of complementary currencies work and why the current monetary system is insufficient and/or outdated
Ola TunanderA Norwegian Academic and author of a lot of material relating to the Deep State.
Wizards of MoneyA series of MP3s about money with a bit of a twist
Howard ZinnPacifist historian who exposes the US empire
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